Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 3

Kit and Kat Lee's Blind Fuck 3
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 54 Minutes

Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 3 stars

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There are four senses other than sight.  Use them to explore pounding all sex action in Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 3, the third volume in the popular Blind Fuck series. Get a true taste of darkness. It’s the final movie in the Blind Fuck trilogy. Let’s end it with a bang!

  • Scene 1: Tanya Cox with Jazz Duro

Tanya Cox wants her stud to enjoy all her pussy has to offer. She wants to give him the most intense sex of his life, which is why she blindfolds him so that he can focus on just how wet and tight her pussy feels on his throbbing dick! He almost cums right out of the gate, but Tanya backs off because she wants him to last so he can cum on her face!

  • Scene 2: Jodan Kingsley with Tony James

Jordan Kingsley loves a good hardcore fuck that gets her off and makes her cum but she also believes in romance. See her set the scene here as she lights candles before blindfolding and tying her stud to the bedposts! She wants him to lay back and enjoy how good her wet pussy feels on his stiff dick. She also likes to be in control. See her cum on his cock before laying back so he can jackhammer her hairy pussy and cum in her pubes.

  • Scene 3: Romana Ryder with Tony DeSergio

This time, it’s Romana Ryder who’s getting dominated! She looks hot as fuck in her thigh-high pleather boots and fishnets with her big tits hanging out of her little nightie. She gets off on not being able to see what her stud has planned for her, and it makes the sex and sensation almost unbearable! Romana cums many times before he finishes on her face.

  • Scene 4: Stacey Saran with Peter Oh Tool

Stacey loves cock. In this clip, she’s got her stud blindfolded so that she can surprise him with her hands and her mouth as she plays with his dick and balls. He never knows what’s cumming! Of course, all this foreplay gets Stacey super wet, so she hops up on his dick before laying back so he can really drill it home!

  • Scene 5: Kit Lee and Kat Lee with Andy Mann

This lucky stud is blindfolded with Kit Lee and Kat Lee’s hands on his cock! He’s got a hand on each of their tits and you know this scene is going to get nasty real quick! Kat and Kit are about to fuck the cum out of that cock and this stud pulls their pussy lips wide open as he stuffs them to give you the best views of his dick fucking their slits!

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