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In a world where adult movies are churned out by the dozen each and every day, it’s tragic when erotic masterpieces get left behind, forgotten in the cold corridors of time. I couldn’t let that happen.

When Bluebird Films closed its doors, it wasn’t just the end of an era for the company but also for the hundreds of scenes that never saw the light of day. Stories that were crafted with passion, dedication, and an unparalleled zeal for storytelling were left waiting in the dark, longing for an audience.

Bluebird Films

Our mission is a noble and poignant one: to breathe life into the movies that were never completed to unearth the buried treasures of Bluebird Films. Every film, every scene, and every moment preserved in our vaults holds a piece of cinematic history. And we believe that they deserve more than just gathering dust in a forgotten corner.

Bluebird Films wasn’t just any production company; it was a hub of creativity, producing films that dared to be different and that pushed the boundaries of adult cinema. And while the company may have closed, its legacy lives on. Through BluebirdXXX.com, we aim to restore, finish, and release these lost gems to the world.

Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to recover more titles and footage, ensuring that the full legacy of Bluebird Films is honored and celebrated. We encourage fans to dive deep into our collection and stay tuned as we bring forth more cinematic wonders from the past.

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How did Bluebird Films get started?

A British guy named Paul Baxendale-Walker, also known by his stage name “Paul Chaplin” used to work as an attorney and make a good amount of money. In 2007, he got tangled up in some legal issues and needed something else to do with his time. He wrote a book about taxes and got himself in a little more trouble. And then went on to host a late-night TV show called Red Zone, where special guests would come on and discuss hot topics.

It was also around this time he started an adult production company. Early on, he just dabbled with Euro girls, but eventually, it would go on to what we know today as Bluebird Films. Full-blown, high-budget movies that were produced in both the UK and the US.

In the US, the company set up production offices in Los Angeles. This is the time I joined the company. My name is Kelli Roberts (@misskellixxx), and I worked for the company to oversee their web-related things. This included setting up the company’s collection of websites, including Bluebird Films, Glambirds, Babe Channel Babes, etc. The longer I was at the company, the more hands-on I got with the production side of things, especially after the US production offices moved to Las Vegas.

Bluebird Films, which made adult movies, had a British cousin of sorts who was known to people as “Bluebird TV.” This is hard to understand for those who don’t live in the UK. But basically, it’s like phone sex, only you know for sure the girl you are talking to is the girl you think it is because you actually can watch her answer the phone on your TV.

During the day shift, the girls were sexy but fully dressed. At night, things got a little spicy, but in the end, it was still a TV thing, which meant it had a lot of legal regulations. The girls from Bluebird TV would sometimes go on to star in the Bluebird Films movies, but not always. Tommie Jo was one of the UK girls from Bluebird TV that made the leap to hardcore.Β  She was one of the very popular girls on Bluebird TV.

In 2012, things started to fall apart, and there were a lot of legal troubles with the US part of the company. The rumor was that Paul Chaplin sold Bluebird Films in 2012 for an estimated $20 million dollars. I can tell you that was absolutely not true.

The company wasn’t worth $20 million, or even $20 for that matter. Maybe he made some sort of deal for Bluebird TV in the UK, but that deal absolutely wasn’t part of Bluebird Films, which was poorly mismanaged in the US. There were multiple bankruptcy filings and lawyers going after the company for not paying its legal bills. The company would change names multiple times, and many people went unpaid.

Paul Chaplin may not have been a beloved personality, but the one thing you can say is that he wasn’t a stupid man. He was, after all, educated at Oxford. He washed his hands of the whole mess and separated himself, going on to buy Loaded TV and the associated Loaded magazine, saying goodbye to all things Bluebird Films. In the UK, Paul Chaplin had his own troubles to worry about. He would go on to be charged and pled guilty to one count of forgery and 5 other counts of fraud.

This left an entire catalog of movies from Bluebird Films, along with hundreds not yet released, in limbo with no money to finish production or pay employees. The US boss was in some trouble of his own and faced a pretty big lawsuit with Ten Productions, a cable/hotel company.

Many years went by, and I had personally moved on, still being owned nearly $23,000 in back wages. But as Nicholas Steel used to like to say, “Good luck with that; you can’t get blood from a turnip.” And he wasn’t wrong. I was just one in a long list of creditors, not the least of which was the IRS and a handful of law firms we wanted their own due money.

In the end, he offered me $2,500 to settle my debt if I agreed to sign an NDA. I declined and moved on, but not before writing a three-page letter to Paul Chaplin in the UK, letting him know a few things, including information about the secret set of 2nd books.

Little did I know at the time, Paul Chaplin had already begun to separate himself from the hot mess that was Bluebird Films. He went on to buy Paul Raymond publications, which included some infamous men’s magazines, including Mayfair magazine and Club International. Later, he would acquire Loaded magazine.

Years would go by, and most people were like me, just writing off the whole thing as a bitter memory, knowing they would never recoup their financial losses. But one day, I got an unusual phone call from a man who had acquired the entire Bluebird Films library from Nicholas Steel, and he had some questions because some of the paperwork was missing. This call was from a guy I had known for a long time in the adult industry and knew I used to work for the company. I pulled out one of my Bluebird Films hard drives from all those years ago to see if I had any of the missing legal paperwork he was looking for.

But before I could do that, rumors began to surface that this same library had been sold again and again to company after company, all for the same amount of money. Each person apparently reported they had bought it exclusively. They hadn’t. They had just been duped. Someone with access to the library was making a money grab.

Because the real owner, unbeknownst to many, was someone else altogether. I knew this by accident, from my own legal negotiations in an attempt to get paid all those ago. I knew the person selling the content library didn’t really own those rights, but it wasn’t my circus, so I kept my mouth shut.

Many of those companies had a copy of the old Bluebird Films movies (none of the new stuff), all thinking they had signed an exclusive deal. They did not. Lots of legal paperwork was missing, and it was a real hot mess. Because in the US, no matter what you may own, without those 2257/model releases, you can’t do anything with that content.

Then, one day, one of those parties produced papers from a lawsuit where he had obtained the rights to the content library through a court order in the United States. Around the same time in the UK, there was an unrelated legal issue going on, and the Bluebird TV license, as well as the Bluebird Films name, was acquired through a bankruptcy sale in the US. Only theirs is a little different in the UK.

Now, keep in mind the laws in the UK are different than ours in the US, so things were a little complicated. You had one UK company that now owns the brand legally and one US company that now legally owns the rights to the library. Both needed help and both had questions. I happened to know both parties and worked with them.

It was then I offered one of them a deal: I would help them answer as many questions as I could and also provide them with all the 2257 and other legal documents that I had, but in return, I wanted access to this whole content library including those never before released movies. The problem was that many of those movies weren’t edited, they were just raw files. Someone had to connect the dots between the raw footage and the legal paperwork and then edit the movies. There were hundreds of these movies, each of which included 3-7 scenes per movie.

The only catch was I got to offer the newly edited scenes first on my own website (Klub Kelli) and my OnlyFans (@Kelli) at least 1 week to 1 month in advance before anyone else got them.

So, I went ahead and helped both companies out as best I could. Years later, I’m still at it, doing as best I can in my free time to release the lost footage, much to the delight of many of the fans of those Bluebird TV (Babe Channel Babe) girls.

So that’s the very long-winded story of who I am and how I got involved in recovering the lost footage from Bluebird Films.