We were able to get our hands on the entire Bluebird Films catalog, and besides re-releasing all of those films, we are also working tirelessly to get out films that never got released. They were filmed but, for one reason or another, never got edited and released. But not to worry, we are working to fix that and release some great gems featuring your favorite British babes, like Babe Runners, Harry Pornter, and more! 100s more. It may take a while to get through all of them, but I promise we’ll keep trying until we do! If you are looking for a specific movie that you can’t find here, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll try to look into it for you.

About Bluebird XXX

In a world where adult movies are churned out by the dozen each and every day, it’s tragic when erotic masterpieces get left behind, forgotten in the cold corridors of time.

When Bluebird Films closed its doors, it wasn’t just the end of an era for the company, but also for the hundreds of scenes that never saw the light of day. Stories that were crafted with passion, dedication, and an unparalleled zeal for storytelling were left waiting in the dark, longing for an audience.

Our mission is a noble and poignant one: to breathe life into the movies that were never completed, to unearth the buried treasures of Bluebird Films. Every film, every scene, and every moment preserved in our vaults holds a piece of cinematic history. And we believe that they deserve more than just gathering dust in a forgotten corner.

Bluebird Films wasn’t just any production company; it was a hub of creativity, producing films that dared to be different, that pushed the boundaries of adult cinema. And while the company may have closed, its legacy lives on. Through BluebirdXXX.com, we aim to restore, finish, and release these lost gems to the world.

Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to recover more titles and footage, ensuring that the full legacy of Bluebird Films is honored and celebrated. We encourage fans, to dive deep into our collection and stay tuned as we bring forth more cinematic wonders from the past.

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