Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 2

Kit and Kat Lee's Blind Fuck 3
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 13 Minutes

Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 2 stars

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There are four senses other than sight.  Use them to explore pounding all sex action in Kit and Kat Lee’s Blind Fuck 2, volume 2 of the popular series. Get a true taste of darkness. 

  • Scene 1: Kerry Louise with Jon James

In this fantasy roleplay scene, Professor Kerry Louise must discipline a very naughty student from her college literature course. She blindfolds him and gets so turned on that she slowly undoes his pants and takes his cock out for a ride! See her gently slip her wet pussy hole around his throbbing shaft as she takes every inch for herself!

  • Scene 2: Romana Ryder with Steve Hooper

Romana Ryder wanted her stud to focus on just how good her pussy is going to feel wrapped around his meaty cock. To do that she blindfolds him so he can focus on the overwhelming sensation as she slowly sits her wet pussy down on his dong. This is a hot scene and Romana cums multiple times before catching his jizz with her tits.

  • Scene 3: Angel Reece with Johnny Deep

Angel Reece likes to get kinky every now and then. Her kink is playing with her boyfriends cock as he’s blindfolded so he doesn’t know what sensation he is going to feel next. Will it be Angel’s hands playing with his balls? Will it be her tongue on the underside of his cock? Or will she work her wet pussy slowly down his dong so that he can fuck her deep?

  • Scene 4: Ebony Goddess with George Uhl

Ebony Goddess goes in for a little light BDSM play with her stud of the moment. She’s dressed in leather and chains and she’s got him blindfolded so she’s running the show. See her tease him with her tits and mouth before she gets so wet for his cock that she bends over and begs for a hard deep pounding.

  • Scene 5: Stacey Saran with Peter Oh Tool

Stacey Saran is talking dirty while she plays with her blindfolded studs dick. She likes sensory deprivation, and she gets off on knowing he has no idea what she’s going to give him next. Will it be her mouth or pussy? Spoiler alert, Stacey Saran is horny as fuck, and she wants to get jackhammered hard!



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