Glory Goo

Glory Goo
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 58 Minutes

Glory Goo stars

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Bluebird Films presents Glory Goo. I mean, is there anything more fabulous than that glorious goo? Bending over in gloryholes and sucking anonymous cocks till they’re ready to burst huge loads of cum is what makes these chicks the happiest, so there’s always a chick waiting for dick in the stall. These dudes get sucked off, and some fresh pussy, and all they have to do is slide their dick into the glory hole, so watch horny girls like Mai Bailey earn the big loads they crave in “Glory Goo.”

  • Scene 1: Mai Bailey with Peter Oh Tool

Mai Bailey is a redhead chick that’s always down to bend over and take some anonymous dick at the local glory hole. Before she puts any raw dicks up er holes, she rubs her clit to get super excited for whoever decides to slide his dick in for some special service.

  • Scene 2: Kerry Lousie with Paul Back

Kerry Louise has big tits that make every dude want to slide his cock into her, and this anonymous man at the gloryhole hits the jackpot when this horny chick rubs her hole till she can’t do anything but suck cock and fuck through the glory hole.

  • Scene 3: Paige Fox with Roger Smore

Showing up to the glory hole in a red fishnet outfit and dark eye makeup is something Paige Fox often does, so as soon as she sees a cock slide through the hole, she gets it wet with her mouth and even bends over to take the dick up her pussy before she turns back around and sucks a big wad of jizz from the ejaculating stranger.

  • Scene 4: Keeley Magee with Demetri XXX

Keeley Magee loves rubbing her pussy in the glory hole before a dick slides through the hole and motions for her to get it wet with her mouth. Once she gets every inch of it dripping with her spit, she turns around and backs up her pussy over the hard faceless cock.

  • Scene 5: Tammie Lee with Roger Smore

Passion is a brunette with heavy eyeliner and a cute schoolgirl outfit. She’s landed herself in this glory hole as her pussy is so hungry for some hot anonymous cock. Luckily, a dick slides through the hole in no time and into hers!

  • Scene 6: Cindy Behr with Jamie Barry

Cindy Behr is a horny chick with long blonde hair and a pussy that’s always got her in naughty places like this stall with a glory hole. After rubbing her clit and getting excited, a dick pops through the hole, and she gets it wet with her mouth so she can back up her pussy to it and get fucked.

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