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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 32 Minutes

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Bluebird Films presents Showgirls. Paul Chaplin is directing a movie, and he’s casting some girls to be a part of the cast. But the only way he’ll know if the girls are right for the part is to have a little fun on the casting couch.

  • Scene 1: Keira Knight, Jasmine Black, Paul Chaplin (33: 01)

Paul Chaplin is casting the role of sexy pirates who will be sword fighting in his new show. The question is, he’s not quite sure if Keira Knight and Jasmine Black are right for the part. But he decided to give them a chance for an intimate audition to make sure the chemistry was right.

  • Scene 2: Stacey Saran, Chloe Dee, Charley Atwell, Paul Chaplin (38:34)

Charley Atwell is cast as the queen of hearts, and now she helps the director Paul Chaplin cast two of the smaller parts of the show, but will they be talented enough to make the cast? Paul Chaplin and Charley Atwell give them an intimate audition to see who’s the best fit.

  • Scene 3: Caprice Jane, Tye Thornton, Paul Chaplin (37:14)

In this next scene, Caprice Jane and Tye Thornton meet with show producer Paul Chaplin for their chance at a part in his new show. These two girls are up for the part of Buttons, the sex stewardess, and they have to be willing to find the safety exit with their eyes closed. They bend over the desk and show him what their real skills are.

  • Scene 4: Cindy Dollar, Stacey Saran, Paul Chaplin (43:13)

In this last scene of the movie, Stacey Saran and Cindy Dollar are both auditioning for the same part, and it’s hard to say who might have the right skills for the part. Luckily, Paul Chaplin is willing to give both of the lovely ladies a chance to audition for the role. Let’s just say both girls give it their best!

This movie was originally meant to be five scenes, but sadly, one of the scenes didn’t quite make it, but that’s okay because we were still able to recover four amazing scenes.

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