Bunny Hutch

Bunny Hutch
Directed By:
Movie Length: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes

Bunny Hutch stars

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Prepare for a wild ride as Bluebird Films takes you on a journey through the depths of desire and passion with their latest release, Bunny Hutch. With three all-new scenes featuring some of Britain’s most seductive sirens, you won’t be able to resist the temptation to indulge in the carnal pleasures they have to offer. So prepare yourself for the ultimate erotic experience as Bunny Hutch takes you on a wild ride of pleasure and desire.Β  You’ll never look at porn the same way again.

Scene 1: Keira Knight, Paul Chaplin

(30 minutes and 1 second)

In the first scene, Keira Knight struggles to contain her raging libido as she searches for something to satisfy her insatiable appetite. Fortunately, Paul Chaplin is just the man to help her out, as he takes her on a sensual adventure that will leave you breathless.

Scene 2: Sensual Jane, Paul Chaplin

(26 minutes and 21 seconds)

Next up, Sensual Jane wastes no time getting down to business, as she takes control of Paul Chaplin’s cock and shows him who’s really in charge. This fiery femme fatale knows exactly how to tease and please, and you won’t be able to get enough of her sultry moves.

Scene 3: Caprice Jane, Paul Chaplin

(38 minutes and 41 seconds)

Finally, Caprice Jane sets her sights on Paul Chaplin’s office, and things are about to get hotter than hell. As she struts her stuff across his desk, you know that things are about to get serious. And when she takes him deep inside her, there’s no turning back.

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