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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 7 Minutes

Firebirds stars

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Bluebird Films presents Firebirds. Over 2 hours of hardcore girl-on-girl fun. It’s getting hot in here with these British babes.  This is one fire you might not want to put out.

  • Scene 1: Daisy Rock, Stacey Saran, Chloe Page

Wearing traffic cones on her head is a new trick Stacey learned to seduce horny lesbians into fucking her, and it sure does work! Within seconds, the busty brunette Daisy is over at Stacey’s side convincing her to pull off her panties and let her eat out that hungry pussy between her legs. Bethany even gets penetrated by a toy Amber uses on all her new girls, so she’s glad she went the extra effort to get laid today.

  • Scene 2: Paige Ashley, Caprice Jane

Its easy for new girls to feel comfortable at the firehouse, because more experienced members like Paige Ashley are always ready to explain the ropes to the newbies and show them how to have a good time with their pussies. There’s a lot of waiting around for fires to fight, so these females need to practice keeping their energy up at all times in case of an emergency worthy of their valiant attention.

  • Scene 3: Cindy Behr, Krystal Webb

Krystal Webb has just finished her training and been promoted to the actual firehouse, so she’s a little nervous about starting out among more experienced girls, but her new friend Cindy Behr assures her that she’ll be fine. Things are solidified for Cindy after she has a hot lesbian sex session with Krystal and her awesome dildo collection.

  • Scene 4: Mai Bailey, Holly Kent

Mai Bailey was worried about how well she would fit in at the firehouse, but when she meets girls just as horny as she is, like Holly Kent, things lighten up and she begins to imagine all the possible sex acts she’ll be able to explore now that she can practice her sexuality in comfortable privacy with other chicks as beautiful and horny as her!

  • Scene 5: Charlie Monaco, Jordan Pryce

Charlie just started her apprenticeship at the firehouse, and she’s already very well liked among the other girls. Jordan in particular loves blondes, so she gets on good terms with her new partner by engaging in some lusty lesbian play including fingering and dildos.

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