Candy Gram

Bluebird Films presents Candy Gram
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 17 Minutes

Candy Gram stars

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Welcome to Candy Gram, where these tantalizing temptresses will leave you breathless as your senses indulge in every delectable morsel of sinful pleasure. The irresistible scent of raw desire fills the air like perfume, luring unsuspecting prey into its seductive web. It’s over 2 hours of pure sweet fucking fun!

Every sultry touch ignites fiery passion between them, unleashing carnal cravings deep within their souls. Their moans become harmonious symphonies echoing through dimly lit rooms – beckoning even those who dare not venture nearer. So close yet so far away…these insatiable nymphs tease mercilessly until all semblance of control shatters beneath waves upon waves of ecstatic bliss.

Unbridled lust consumes each moment, leaving behind memories etched indelibly in time for eternity’s sake alone; never before has such decadent debauchery been captured so vividly on film. Dare yourself to lose sight amidst this whirlwind of sexual desire? Plunge headfirst into Candy Gram, available right here at Bluebird Films!

  • Scene 1: Valery Summer and Keira Knight with Jamie Barry (31 minutes and 26 seconds)
  • Scene 2: Lexi Ward and Chloe Dee with Jamie Barry (32 minutes and 03 seconds)
  • Scene 3: Jaden West and Black Angelika with Demetri XXX and Jamie Barry (37 minutes)
  • Scene 4: Sensual Jane and Jamie Barry (37 minutes and 21 seconds)


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