Fuck The Babysitter

Fuck The Babysitter
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 14 Minutes

Fuck The Babysitter stars

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Bluebird Films presents Fuck The Babysitter. These sexy babysitters answer the call to watch someone’s snotty brat at a moment’s notice. However, there is no brat to watch…just a horny cock that needs some immediate release! See, these girls take the job anyway and work their asses off for that extra pay! About the only thing these babysitters are good for is sitting on a fat cock!

  • Scene 1: Proxy Paige, Jack Lawrence

Proxy Paige fell asleep on the couch after an exhausting night of babysittig when Jack Lawrence gets back and offers to take her home. Wondering why he is alone, Proxy Paige wonders where his wife is when he reveals that he came home alone, and that’s when she offers to make him feel a little better about his bad marriage.

  • Scene 2: Kenna Kane, Billy Glide

Granted, Kenna Kane doesn’t look like your typical sitter. She’s got that goth thing going, but her reputation precedes her, at least amongst the daddies! They know that when Kenna comes to sit that you are guaranteed to get your dick wet before she leaves! This horny nympho has turned sitting into a hook-up opportunity because she loves that big, experienced daddy dick!

  • Scene 3: Lexi Diamond, Danny Mountain

Lexi Diamond knows just what she’s doing when she goes on her sitting gigs dressed as a sexy slut. She loves to see the reaction on the faces of the daddies who hire her. No wonder she’s the hottest sitter in town! Word is out that gives out at the end of the night! Watch Lexi brace herself against the arm of the couch as this daddie fucks her hard and deep!

  • Scene 4:  Jamey Janes, Mr. Pete

Jayme Janes has a full-time job, but she enjoys making some extra cashola on the weekends as a sitter. Ok, it’s not the actual sitting that she likes. You see, Jamey Janes is addicted to that good daddie dick, and she’s always down for a naughty quickie at the end of the night before she gets dropped off back home. Watch her fuck the cum out of this dude’s dick as he cums all over her tits!

  • Scene 5: Lily Labeau, Seth Gamble

Lily Lebeau is the hottest babysitter in town! No, really, she’s hot as fuck, and all the daddies are dialing her up because they all know she puts out! Nothing like a night out on the town with the wifey only to come back and fuck the babysitter too!

Please note Fuck The Babysitter is an erotic fantasy. All models that appear in this film are well over the age of consent (18) at the time of fliming their given scene.

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