Glam Scots

Bluebird Films presents Glam Scots
Directed By:
Movie Length: 58 Minutes

Glam Scots stars

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Prepare to be seduced by Bluebird Films’ newest masterpiece, ‘Glam Scots.’ Immerse yourself in an electrifying hour-long journey where you’ll meet the most irresistible British vixens as they indulge in exquisite pleasures with their sultry Scottish counterparts. Witness raw passion and unbridled desire unfold before your eyes – this isn’t just lesbian pleasure; it’s pure, unadulterated sensual bliss. Don’t miss out as these alluring Celtic beauties indulge in carnal delights as they explore each other’s supple bodies. Let our sultry vixens entice you into their world of forbidden passion – pure ecstasy awaiting discovery through tantalizing liaisons between these delectable ladies. Glam Scots … watch it now!

  • Scene 1: Lauren Rosario with Sami J

(29 minutes and 17 seconds)

  • Scene 2: Sensual Jane with Dani Maye

(29 minutes and 32 seconds)

This movie was originally intended to be five full scenes; however, only two of the videos survived, but I did find a photo set from one of the scenes featuring Caprice Jane and Ella Mai, however sadly, the video of those two together was lost. Still, the two scenes that did survive from this movie turned out amazing!

Bluebird Films presents Glam Scots



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