Movie Length: 2 Hours and 27 Minutes

Glamcream stars

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Bluebird Films presents Glamcream. It’s a mess in here! Strawberries and whipped cream! Pastries! Jello! Custard! And tasty pussy! If you have a sweet tooth for tasty treats and beautiful women doing more than just putting them in their mouths, Dream Cream will leave you hungry for more! Six sweet scenes! 15 beautiful women! Naked food play! Spanking! Scissoring! This is a recipe for success! Get yourself some Glamcream!

  • Scene 1: Jasmine Black and Leila Bee
  • Scene 2: Jamie Brooks, Tammie Lee, and Reede Fox
  • Scene 3: Jamie Brooks, Paige Ashley, and Christine Love
  • Scene 4: Valery Summer, Kerry Louise, and Kate Hunter
  • Scene 5: Charlie Monaco, Eva May, and Alyson McKenzie
  • Scene 6: Jasmine Black, Charlie Monaco, Sammy Jayne
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