Only Fools and Arses 2: Casino Del

Only Fools and Arses 2: Casino Del
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 21 Minutes

Only Fools and Arses 2: Casino Del stars

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Only Fools and Arses 2 is another one of those lost gems we were able to recover from the Bluebird Films vaults. Once thought to be lost forever, this movie was initially intended to be five scenes, but I recovered two of the scenes, including some of the best-known British Babes around!

The original Only Fools and Arses was a popular movie for Bluebird Films, and part two was meant to be even better. Sadly, it was, however, one of the projects that got pushed aside when the company fell apart. I, however, am very happy to say that I was able to recover two of the scenes (scenes 2 and 4). Both of these scenes were directed by Paul Chaplin.

Only Fools and Arses is a parody of one of Britain’s most beloved sitcoms, Only Fools and Arses. This parody is packed to the max with orgy goodness. 

Scene 2: (Wheel) 41 minutes and 38 seconds

  • Starring: Natasha Marley, Caprice Jane, Tommie Jo, Jamie Brooks, Paul Chaplin

This scene starts off with Natasha Marley shuffling some cards at a roulette table when Paul Chaplin comes in to join in the fun and introduces him to the casino, and says she needs an investor. She then says that the casino used to be a stripper club and then brings in some girls to show him how great the place can be. Tommie Jo, Caprice Jane, and Jamie Brooks come dressed up as sexy casino workers. Paul Chaplin is now very interested in investment, but first, he has to try the girls out. Guess how it ends? Everyone fucks the investor, of course, and oh, how well it goes!

Scene 4: (Syndicate) 39 Minutes and 38 seconds

  • Starring: Tiffany Kingston, Frankie Thrills, Tia Layne, Paul Chaplin

This scene has Paul Chaplin as the investor, talking to a couple of hot British babes, asking them to join in his new casino and share in the pleasure of it. This turns into a group sex scene to remember. I mean, how often do you get to see one chap (Paul Chaplin) fuck three hot girls at once?

Only Fools and Arses 2: Casino Del offers you two brand new, never before seen scenes featuring your favorite British babes! I hate that the other scenes were lost. It breaks my heart that they are lost forever.

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