Glam Shag

Glam Shag
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 21 Minutes

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Bluebird Films proudly presents Glam Shag, the ultimate British porn experience. Glam Shag is a sensational journey into the steamy world of unfiltered desire and raw passion. This groundbreaking masterpiece, directed by the legendary Paul Chaplin, unfolds over a tantalizing 2 hours and 21 minutes of non-stop, unapologetic sexual adventure. Their chemistry ignites the screen, leaving no doubt that what follows is pure, unadulterated sex appeal. So buckle up, folks, because once you embark on this glorious journey of debauchery, there’s no turning back. Are you ready for the most thrilling shag of your life? It’s Glam Shag! Watch it now. 4 brand new, never before seen scenes!

Scene 1: Frankie Thrills with Jamie Barry

Glam Shag from Bluebird Films

Have you ever been up for a good shag? Especially if the girl is as glamorous and sexy as Frankie Thrills. There is no fuss or mus in this scene; These two get right down to business. Jamie Barry starts out with a slow exploration of Frankie’s body, but before long, he realizes he needs more. He needs his cock in her pretty little mouth.

Scene 2: Sensual Jane with Jamie Barry

In this scene, Paul Chaplin hooks him up with the Romanian sexpot Sensual Jane, and they have one hell of a time! Sensual Jane has amazing big, natural boobs, and Jamie Barry, the lucky bastard, gets to give them a lot of up close and personal attention …. Making sure to look after Sensual Jane properly and giving her a Glam Shag.

Scene 3: Cassie Kane and Keira Knight with Jamie Barry

Jamie Barry is back, and this time, he doesn’t get to have fun with one but two sexy glamour girls. But it actually starts with Paul Chaplin having a little chat with the girls, talking about what they like, and as it turns out, they like each other. But Jamie Barry has been watching, and he wants to join in.

Scene 4: Amanda Rendall and Emily B with Ben Dover and Jamie Barry

In this last scene of the movie, we start out with Amanda Rendall and Emily B making out, looking all glamorous and sexy in their thigh-high stockings and lingerie. But before we know it, Ben Dover and Jamie Barry show up to show the girls a real good time. Ben Dover wastes no time eating pussy while Jamie Barry sticks his cock in the other girl’s mouth.

Glam Shag is one of the movies I was able to recover from the Bluebird Vaults. The original movie was going to include a 5th scene with Emma Leigh and Jamie Barry; sadly, however, the footage was lost. Still, we were able to get four great scenes, and they are amazing!

In fact, they are all really long scenes as well. There may only be four scenes in Glam Shag, but they all are over 30 minutes, making the full runtime for the movie over 2 hours long!

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