Dance Fever

Dance Fever
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 10 Minutes

Dance Fever stars

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Bluebird Films presents Dance Fever. Dance practice gets these boys and girls all worked up, and the only way they know how to relieve the tension is through some beautiful lovemaking. They spend their days expressing their feelings with their bodies, so they can’t help but shove their dicks into the sweet little pussies that are draped in tight pink clothing getting all sweaty and just begging to be stripped and penetrated in “Dance Fever.”

Dance Fever

Dance Fever is one of the gems we found in the Bluebird Films vault that never got released. It’s six newly recovered (never before seen) scenes featuring your favorite British babes!

  • Scene 1: Renee Richards with Peter Oh Tool

Renee has been practicing her ballet positions for years, and her dance partner can’t help but be filled with lust when he sees her lift her legs up in that cute little pink outfit. He starts putting his hands into her vagina, and she can’t resist. Instead, she left her legs apart farther and wider so he could plunge deep into her insatiable little pink hole, waiting to be stuffed. 15 minutes 40 seconds

  • Scene 2: Stacey Saran with Keni Styles

Keni is all Stacey thinks about, so she’s not disappointed when she sees the dude about to fuck her hungry pussy. He’s Asian with arm tattoos and a shaved head, and after feeling up her tits, he gets right to it and slides his throbbing dick into her pierced pussy and pumps for a bit until he’s ready to release his chunky load into her mouth as she sits on her knees. 12 minutes, 22 seconds

  • Scene 3: Tia Layne with Lauro Giotto

Tia loves getting her pussy eaten, and she loves the way this dude with a mohawk pulls her panties aside to explore her lady folds with his tongue before switching spots with the horny MILF and letting her suck his erect penis. Then she gets on top and looks away as he gazes into her face and pumps his boner straight up her hungry vagina, leaving her on the floor wanting more. 8 minutes, 33 seconds

  • Scene 4: Tracey Venus and Bree Valentine with Paul Back

Bree and Tracey love this country, and sucking the cock of this older white dude is their favorite way to spend their Saturday night. He wears a baseball cap while the blonde girls work his dick with their wet mouths and, finally, lower their leathery pussies over his boner and ride it until he’s ready to release a huge load of sperm onto the horny girls. 10 minutes, 22 seconds

  • Scene 5: Keisha Kane with Jazz Duro

Taking dick is Keisha Kane’s favorite hobby, and the way she does her makeup gets her the dominant dudes she loves that aren’t afraid to pull her panties aside and lick her pussy, or bend her over and squeeze her ass before she slobbers his cock and rides it till he busts all over her stomach. 12 minutes, 48 seconds

  • Scene 6: Kit Lee and Kat Lee with Justin Round and Johnny Deep

Kit Lee and Kat Lee are always getting into trouble in their room, which is full of red lights. Taking big cocks in their shaved pussies is a nightly occurrence, so there’s nothing new or challenging about putting them out tonight. They got pretty and smooth like always, and now it’s time to get glazed in thick ropes of sperm-filled man jizz. 10 minutes, 57 seconds

Please note: This is one of those movies that may include six total scenes however, they are short. As such, I’ve included the scene times with each description so that you are aware. The total runtime for the entire movie is only 1 hour and 10 minutes and that’s for all six scenes. I know that Bluebird does that sometimes so I just wanted to make sure you were aware that Dance Fever is one of those movies.

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