Glam Suds

Glam Suds
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 51 Minutes

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Prepare for a wet and wild ride as Bluebird Films unleashes their latest erotic masterpiece – Glam Suds! A tantalizing tale of lust and desire, this film will have you on the edge of your seat…and then some! Director Paul Chaplin has assembled a cast of Britain’s hottest stars to bring you almost two hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure set against the steamy backdrop of a luxurious shower.

Get ready to wash away your inhibitions and indulge in every fantasy imaginable as these gorgeous men and women take you on a sensual journey unlike any other. From passionate kisses to mind-blowing orgasms, Glam Suds delivers the goods in spades. So grab your soap and get ready to scrub up – because things are about to get very dirty indeed!

Scene 1: Ella Mai, Natasha Marley

The steamy shower is the stage for Ella Mai and Natasha Marley’s explosive sexual chemistry. As they lather their bodies with soap and water, their hands roam freely across one another’s curves, leaving no inch untouched. Their lips meet in a fiery kiss, tongues entwining as their desire builds to a fever pitch. This isn’t just any shower – it’s a sultry display of raw passion and unbridled lust. The air thickens with anticipation as these two women bring each other to new heights of ecstasy, proving that love knows no gender boundaries.

Scene 2: Franki Rider, Jamie Barry

The steamy shower stall is the setting for Jamie Barry’s rough and relentless sex session with gorgeous Franki Rider. The water cascades down their naked bodies as they thrust and grind against each other, each desperate to reach climax first. With every pounding stroke, Jamie drives his message home – he wants her, needs her, and will stop at nothing until she’s his forever. This is no ordinary hookup; it’s a raw, primal display of passion that leaves both parties breathless and begging for more.

Scene 3: Kelly Marina, Jamie Barry, Demetri XXX

Kelly Marina’s body (aka Saskia Sweet) tenses as she anticipates the carnal delights to come. Her eyes lock with those of Jamie and Demetri, both of whom are already stripped down and ready for action. As they approach her, their hands trailing over her skin, Kelly knows that she’s about to experience something truly unforgettable. With each thrust, each sensual touch, Kelly feels herself being transported to another realm – one where pleasure reigns supreme. She gasps, arching her back as the two men work in perfect synchronicity to bring her to new heights of ecstasy. It’s a feverish dance of flesh, and Kelly is right at the center of it all, basking in the heat and passion of these two gorgeous specimens. This is no ordinary shower but rather a symphony of lust and desire, and Kelly is their willing muse.

Scene 4: Brooke Blue, Samantha Bentley

In the steamy confines of the shower, two gorgeous women, Brooke Blue and Samantha Bentley, engage in a torrid love affair. Their hands caress every inch of their bodies as they explore every nook and cranny of each other’s flesh. The water cascades down on them like a sensual mist, adding to the already intense atmosphere. As they kiss passionately, their tongues entwine in a dance so erotic, it could make your heart race. This is not just any lesbian shower; it’s a pure, unadulterated celebration of lust and desire.


Glam Suds is yet another one of those lost gems we were able to recover from the Bluebird vaults. 4 brand-new, never-before-seen scenes!! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) so you are the first to know when I recover new footage! You never know what scene I’ll uncover next in the mountains of hard drives and raw footage I’ve got my hands on. Glam Suds was originally intended to be five scenes, but one of the 5 sadly never got completed, but I was able to edit and release the first four scenes of the movie, and they are incredibly sexy! I really think you are going to love this movie. I mean who doesn’t love great shower sex? I know I do!


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