DNA Clinic

DNA Clinic
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 49 Minutes

DNA Clinic stars

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Welcome to the Bluebird Films “DNA Clinic.” These Glambirds want to help increase your blood flow in the most erotic of ways. Its DNA clinic is only from Bluebird Films. They’ll collect your DNA with their mouths! The doctor is in … and by in I mean he’s going to stick it in her mouth and you’re going to get to enjoy watching!

  • Scene 1: Farrah Fox, Wayne Scott-fox
  • Scene 2: Tanya Tate, Tony James
  • Scene 3: Stacey Saran, Jamie Barry
  • Scene 4: Karlie Simon, Tony James
  • Scene 5: Demetri Xxx, Jasmine Lau
  • Scene 6: Michelle Thorne, Stefan Hard



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