Blue Fairytale

Blue Fairytale
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 36 Minutes

Blue Fairytale stars

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Bluebird Films presents Blue Fairytale. Join us in this erotic fantasy adventure that involves a magical ending with a hardcore twist. All the world’s a fantasy, and these girls want to make yours come true.

  • Scene 1: Valery Summer, Peter Oh Tool

There are seven little men to go through, so Snow White will have to maintain her composure as each of these tiny magic fellas dip their faces and cocks up her hole. This one has a tattoo, and it almost matches the design on her belly! Watch as she leaves nothing on but her shoes, hairbows, and stockings as she grabs her tits and lets this dwarf have the time of his life!

  • Scene 2: Paige Ashley, Tony James

Alice doesn’t follow that rabbit for any reason other than the great sex she and him have. She’s always chasing him in hopes of getting dicked down by his big white boner. It’s always shaved, hard, and ready to bust, so watch her slobber it down with a big smile on her face as her shaved little twat gets the pounding it deserves before it explodes all over her big boobs.

  • Scene 3: Cindy Behr, Jamie Barry

Every princess longs for a strong prince to come to save her from her castle, but what then? Of course, the first thing these medieval lovers are going to try is bareback sex, and blonde chick Aurora loves bouncing up and down the hard shaft of the king’s most trusted knight. Bending over and letting him see her behind is a great way to kick off her new life as a queen.

  • Scene 4: Amy Azurra, Peter Oh Tool

Amy Azurra is the Queen of Hearts in this hot scene from “Blue Fairy Tales,” where she dresses up as her favorite character and takes dick in her mouth and pussy. The dudes always get to bust onto her mouth and chest, and that’s everyone’s favorite part. It may be Wonderland, but it looks like it’s her head that’s getting used today.

  • Scene 5: Stacey Saran, Paul Chaplin

Stacey Saran loves taking cocks up her pussy, but the man on level four has a dick like no other. She loves putting her red headband on in the morning, knowing this dude will be gazing down at how cute she looks with his dick in her mouth the whole time. Her checkered dress stays on as her tits are freed and her vagina penetrated by this man’s glorious boner.

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