Caribbean Undercover

Caribbean Undercover
Directed By:
Movie Length: 3 Hours and 24 Minutes

Caribbean Undercover stars

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Caribbean Undercover is a tropical blend of starlets and studs, as shot on location in you guessed it, the Caribbean. Shot on location in St. Maarten! The DVD version combines the movie and features (photos/web/scene select) with a featurette documenting the behind-the-scenes happenings. The two are sold separately on VHS, making the DVD quite a bargain.

Oh, did I forget to mention Tera Patrick and Caroline Cage? Yea, they’re here too! And they sparkle and shine like the crystal clear water of the Caribbean Sea. Adam & Eve are known for couples’ flicks and this is no exception. The sex is sensuous and loving rather than hard and naughty, blending well with the exotic settings.

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