Boutique Birds 1

Boutique Birds 1
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 10 Minutes

Boutique Birds 1 stars

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Bluebird Films presents Boutique Birds. These shop girls will do anything to make a sale, even if it means giving the customers special favors. And by favors, of course, I mean sucking their cocks or taking them back to the dressing room to give them a full-body pat down. Hey! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to make her money! Watch Boutique Birds now!

  • Scene 1: Kaia Kane, Paul Chaplin

Kaia Kane has been trying to make a sale for months, but nothing seems to be helping the store get traffic. Suddenly, she has a flash of inspiration and decides to sex it up. She knows men won’t be able to resist her in a purple dress and an updo, and sure enough, within seconds, a hairy man comes right in and shoves his fat dick straight into Kaia’s face before sliding it into her pussy and banging her.

  • Scene 2: Tammie Lee, Paul Chaplin

Checking out the chicks he’s about to fuck is something Paul always does after arriving at the woman’s place. He loves entering her home and eventually penetrating the hole between her legs, as this eventually leads to her face being drenched in a thick layer of freshly ejaculated cum straight from his throbbing boner.

  • Scene 3: Kit Lee, Kat Lee, Paul Chaplin

Kit Lee has been trying to start up a sex toy industry, but she just can’t stop sucking dick. All the men that come into her shop are just interested in sticking their cocks into her and her partner Kat Lee. Today they take it up the ass too, and looking up at the men that just defaced them is the highlight of their morning.

  • Scene 4: Savannah Gold, Paul Chaplin

Savannah Gold is always ready to suck dick like the other girls in town, but something makes this Latina extra spicy. Not only will she bend over and take a cock up her twat, but this bleached-out woman from south of the border lets men stick it up her stink hole as well. They grasp one of her huge tits as they butt fuck her and feed their cum shot right into her mouth as she tastes her anal juices on the penis.

  • Scene 5: Jasmine Black, Paul Chaplin

Jasmine has a huge pair of jugs that look great in her flowy green outfit. She slowly takes it off so she can fit this dude’s big hard cock up her pussy. Of course, giving head and getting fucked isn’t enough, so this dark-haired bombshell uses a toy while being penetrated from the front, and after riding it, it’s time for the jizz, and it all lands on her enormous breasts.

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