Black Beauty 3

Black Beauty 3
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 45 Minutes Long

Black Beauty 3 stars

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It’s the final chapter of the epic, pornographic, Black Beauty sage. Ride For Life. As the affairs of Ashby Village reach their climax, can Jodie and Black Beauty save the day?

The storyline is about a girl but all of the action is super hardcore and includes several threesomes and group scenes. Black Beauty Vol 3 from Bluebird Films is one of those hardcore fuck movies that you have to watch more than once just to see all of the action! Kit Lee and Kat Lee both star in this one.

  • Scene 1: Michelle Thorne and Brooke Jameson with Keiran Lee

Brooke Jameson and Michelle Thorne have been in this scene for a while, so the equestrian men have had a long time to decide just how they wanted to fuck this beautiful blondes, and they end up getting their faces splattered with semen after lifting up their dresses to take cock.

  • Scene 2: Caroline De Lys with Ben Dover

Carolina De Lys has been on the eye of the her older mentor at the stables, and one day, she’s naughty and needs to be disciplined. He spanks her smooth white ass and then lifts her legs up to expose and inspect her tight little lady parts before fucking her, having her sit on his face so he can taste his cock in her hole, and then jizzing on her face.

  • Scene 3: Kaia Kane, Katie Weale, and Katie Fox with Paul Chaplin, Tony James, Danny Mountain, and Ian Tate

Kaia Kane, Katie Fox and friends love taking dick, and the dude that’s fucking them on the tables at the banquet even plugs the nose of the blonde after cumming on her face. She smeared her eye makeup during the blowjob, and the brunette got her tit covered in cake!

  • Scene 4: Jodie James with Demetri Xxx

Jodie James spends a lot of time in the barn tending to her horse, and Mr. Rubio takes his chance one Tuesday night. She let him grasp her giant round breasts and then he put his ass in her face and ate her pussy while she sucked his dick. She loves being fucked in they hay, and he doesn’t use a condom.

  • Scene 5:Β  Eva Angelina, and Alexis May with Tony James, Demetri Xxx, and Ian Tate

Eva Angelina and Alexis May met these two dudes while they were fixing up their trailer, and they couldn’t resist their big biceps and the big dicks they knew were getting hard inside. These equestrian ladies stripped down to a few articles of clothing outside for anyone to see as they got fucked by their new friends.

  • Scene 6: Lucy, Ann Marie Rios, and LIly Love with Tony James, Jay R, and Ian Tate

These 3 whores chose the equestrian life fully knowing what they were getting into. All those of hours of sitting in such a position requires some special male attention to the gash between the legs. Watch two dudes have the time of their lives fucking the three pussies between them.

  • Scene 7: Caroline De Lys, and Jodie James with Demetri Xxx, and Keiran Lee

Jodi James and Carolina De Lys spend a lot of time riding their horses, so it feels good to spread their legs and get massaged from the inside out by these classy men that took sight of them while they were out in the yard going over their routines for the upcoming competition.

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