Vampyre Lovers

Vampyre Lovers
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

Vampyre Lovers stars

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Bluebird Films presents Vampyre Lovers – an all girl, lesbian gothic specatcular. These gorgeous Goth hotties suck more than blood. The dark desire of the occult is irresistible for the stars of this Gothic girl/girl sexfest. It can get a bit batty when vampires come out to take their pound of flesh from these sex-crazed sluts they try to fight, but undead pleasures can be too hot to handle.

Look out as some of the hottest British girls in adult entertainment become members of the undead!! Tammie Lee fucks fellow Vampyre Kaia Kane. Followed by Kit and Kat Lee taking a bite out of Stacey Saran’s juicy pussy. Cindy Behr gets her pussy eaten, fingered, and dildoed by busty Vampyre Tanya Cox. Kerry Louise glimmers Farrah Fox into a hot finger fuck before draining her dry. This is a hot, sexy, steamy Halloween classic guaranteed to make all girl-on-girl lovers lose a serious load. These girl-on-girl vamps suck more than blood! Vampyre Lovers – watch it now!

  • Scene 1. Kaia Kane, and Tammie Lee

Mistresses of the dark arts Kaia Kane and Tammie Lee romp in a spooky dungeon cell. Anaya slobbers her vampire spit on a purple vibrator, then hands it to Tammie to ram it up into her juicy snatch. Then, fishnetted beauty Tammie returns the favor by offering up her own wet crack for Anaya to fill with a black ridged dildo.

  • Scene 2. Kat Lee, Kit Lee, and Stacey Saran

Stacey Saram, Kat Lee, and Kit Lee are a scorching trio of corsetted and gartered handmaidens to the lesbo vampires. After deep kisses and pussy pats, the three lusty wenches in lacy lingerie get down to a toy-fueled lesbian fuckfest. Each hot babe crams a toy into her buddy’s twat until all three are buzzing in vibrator-ed bliss.

  • Scene 3. Cindy Behr and Tanya Cox

Cindy Behr is a blond angelic vision in white lacy frills, and Tanya Cox is the devilish succubus in black corset and garters who arrives to torment her with forbidden sexual pleasures. The two hot opposites share a love for licking smooth wet pussy, and each dives eagerly into the other’s sticky pink crack. At the climax, these symbols of good and evil sex share a sizzling kiss.

  • Scene 4. Farrah Fox and Kerry Louise

Vampires suck blood from a virgin’s neck, but slutty blonde Farrah Fox sucks directly from her vampire lover’s nipples. Kerry Louise moans with undead glee when her tits get nibbled, and her poon is stuffed with a pink vibrating dong. The erotically evil vampire crams a black dildo into her blonde buddy’s smooth pink honeypot.

  • Scene 5. Sharon Pink and Jannet

Sharon Pink is a MILFy vampire who charms and entrances blonde victim Wendy into all manner of hot whorey lesbian sex play. When the mature vampire hottie caresses and stuffs a vibrator into Wendy’s juicy snatch, the dazzled blonde is drawn to gobble her undead captor’s moist undead twat and fill it to the brim with buzzing fucktoy.

  • Scene 6: Kaia Kane, Paige Ashley

Kaia Kane is the sexy vampire, and Paige Ashley is the luscious blonde damsel in distress she sets her sights on. Spreading her innocent victim’s thighs, the dark, sultry night-crawler pushes a red vibrator into her wet box. Fingering the erotically charged Paige, evil Anaya prods her own twitching poon with a giant black dildo.

  • Scene 7. Jasmine Webb and Paige Ashley

Dark erotic vampire Kaia Kane charms ebony temptress Jasmine Webb into licking and stuffing herself with a massive black dong. Then, both hot lingerie lesbians take turns riding their juicy cracks on powerful buzzing vibrators. Spreading her black fishnetted thighs, Anaya lets out an unholy yell as the vibrator pushes in against her magic button.

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