Office Politics

Office Politics
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 32 Minutes

Office Politics stars

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Bluebird Films presents Office Politics. These girls will do anything to keep their jobs. It’s not always easy managing office politics, and they prove just how hard it can be. With all the horny co-workers, it’s hard to say what will happen next. You know what they say: office sex is the best sex!

  • Scene 1: Jordan Kingsley with Tony DeSergio

Jordan Kingsley has had one heck of a day, and she’s the last one to leave the office. It’s so late the janitor is making his rounds, but before she bolts, Jordan decides to drain the cum out of his cock! Watch him bend her over the desk and teach the boss who’s boss!

  • Scene 2: Kit Lee and Kat Lee, with Jazz Duro

Kit Lee and Kat Lee are often set to jobs together that are looking for two temps to handle phones and light office work. It’s a boring, thankless job, but they manage to make it work by fucking the staff! Some people go for afternoon coffee breaks, but Kit and Kat prefer cum breaks! Swallowing post fuck jizz to power them through the rest of the day!

  • Scene 3: Keisha Kane, with Tony James

Keisha Kane just started her job as the office assistant to the big boss. The guy who owns the big company was surprised to get it because she has zero experience. Well, after this afternoon’s meeting, we are pretty sure we know why she got the job! He fucks cute Keisha through her thigh-high stockings and asks her to leave her glasses on as they fuck.

  • Scene 4: Stacey Saran, with Keni Styles

Stacey Saran has been waiting for this courier all day, and she’s not happy about his late arrival. But she is happy about the huge bulge he has in his pants, and Stacey decides he can make it up to her by fucking the cum out of her cunt!

  • Scene 5: Cindy Behr, with Clarke Kent

Cindy Behr loves working with blue-collar guys because they are straight shooters. If they like your tits, they are going to stare. If they think they can fuck you, they are going to try, and Cindy is always DTF! See her bend over in her sexy fishnets and garters as she begs for this guy to fuck her pussy hard and deep. Stay till the end because her ass looks hot as fuck covered in cum!

  • Scene 6: Romana Ryder, with Tony James

Romana Ryder knows a resume can only tell you so much about a potential hire. But what she really likes to know is how much stamina they have to go the distance, and nothing reveals that like a good fuck! Watch Romana bend over her desk as this guy sticks it in balls deep. He makes her cum multiple times before jizzing on her face, so we are pretty sure he’s getting the job after that hot fuck.

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