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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 42 Minutes

Torturess stars

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Welcome to Torturess, a fetish-crazed fantasy. Bluebird Films gives you the mean side of Daisy Rock, Mai Bailey, and Cindy Behr! Five guys wake up ball-gagged and restrained at the mercy of mistresses. If nipple twisting, cock, and ball torture, cock biting, man-ass licking, toe sucking, face sitting, ball squeezing, costumes, deep throat, bondage, face slapping, hot wax, stilettos on cock, leather, chains, vinyl, and fishnet stockings gets you excited, you won’t want to miss this erotic torture flick. Check out just what these ladies will do when confronted with a submissive man and a throbbing cock. Will they make him beg for mercy or for more? All three of them like to torment and tease, so what do you think? Ready for Torturess?

Daisy Rock is so hot that it is all this sub can do not to cum by just looking at her! And when she wraps her lips around his dick, she does his best to impress this mistress by holding it in! Will he succeed at waiting until the last moment while she sucks and mounts him in turns to torment him?

  • Scene 2: Mai Bailey, Wayne Scott-fox

This nurse is here to take the pain away… or not. She finds the sound of him whimpering so much more pleasant that she just wants to squeeze his cock until he cannot take it anymore! Her wicked smile promises more torturous delights as she pulls down the uniform so he can see her big tits and delectable pussy. She will heal her patient the best way: by sucking the cum right out of him!

When Cindy Behr tells you to do something, you do it. She is a hot mistress who tolerates no disobedience! Gagged and chained, her willing slave cannot do anything else but make his rod stand stiff! While casually smoking a cigarette, she proceeds to tease him with her tongue, hand, and lips!

Watching Mai Bailey in this scene, it is hard to tell whether she is the mistress of his cock or a slave to her desire to suck on it! He may be tied up, but she is the one on her knees working to please him! With her nipples bursting out of her top, she proceeds to give him the best blowjob he has ever had! So, who is the sub?

Meet Doctor Naughty! She is a hot queen set on making all the aches and pains go away with her will… and seduction skills! She starts by getting that stick stiff with her hands, then her mouth! She is not one to stop the treatment halfway through as she lowers herself onto him! She succeeds in her goal: making him cum like never before!

Torturess is another one of those movies that was created but never released. But not to worry, I found all the footage and got it out the door just for you! I hope you enjoy this lost footage.


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