Have Faith

Have Faith
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 4 Minutes

Have Faith stars

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Bluebird Films presents Have Faith. Ending the day doesn’t end without a prayer or two for these girls, and all the strict rules and restrictions make these nuns hornier than ever. In order to relieve their throbbing pussies, they meet up with the priests in the middle of the night for some hot orgy sex right in the pews of the church! See devout Christians like Jordan Kingsley, Tammie Lee, and Stacey Saran keep up their close relationship with God in “Have Faith.”

  • Scene 1: Jordan Kingsley, Stacey Saran, Tammie Lee, Paul Chaplin, Tony DeSergio

Bluebird Films presents Have Faith

Jordan Kingsley, Tammie Lee, and Stacey Saran have been devout Christians their entire lives, attending Church every day now that they’re living at the convent and always praying before going to bed. All that’s missing in their lives is some fresh loads of jizz, so the nuns gladly lift up their dresses and expose their garters, which really get the priests and bishops hard and throbbing.

  • Scene 2: Savannah Gold, Stacey Saran, Kerry Louise, Paul Chaplin, Barry Scott, Danny D

Kerry Louise has just entered the convent, and she’s already doing very well. There’s a certain older sister who’s taken a liking to her, and she goes by Sister Antonia Deona. She knows about all the secret parties the priests throw in the secret rooms of the church, so they head there one night for a night of sex they’ll never forget. These girls sure get more than their daily bread at this parish!

  • Scene 3: Jenny Baby, Stacey Saran, Kaia Kane, Paul Chaplin, Tony James, Jamie Barry

Bluebird Films presents Have Faith

Stacey Saran has been a dancer her whole life, but she’s never had a boyfriend this proud of her accomplishments. He and his friend Harry want to celebrate the recital by having a sexy orgy. The girls are so elated from their latest debut that is taking a cock, or two up their shaved pussies is just what they need to make it a great day, but only if they get to swallow the semen in the end!

  • Scene 4: Cindy Behr, Jasmine Webb, Paul Back, Ian Tate

Bluebird Films presents Have Faith

Cindy Behr is known for her voodoo magic, so the missionaries checked out her hut as soon as their ship docked. The horny nun and her priest companion show the witch doctor how it’s done, but to their surprise, she’s well versed in sucking head, and her skeleton friend is a normal receiver of her mind-blowing fellatio, so the four of them have a sexy orgy among her plants and colored lights!

  • Scene 5: Roxy Taggart, Darina, Cindy Behr, Paul Chaplin, Tony James, Danny D

Sister Mary Anne has been having trouble keeping her hands to herself, so the convent decides just to have an orgy to get it all out of her system. She gets fucked by all the priests that attend, and her fellow nuns help her out when it’s time to take their loads all over her beautiful porcelain body, coating her in a thick layer of creamy jizz.

  • Scene 6: Jasmine Black, Stacey Saran, Kaia Kane, Paul Chaplin, Pascal White, Bo, Tony Uttley

Jasmine Black and Stacey Saran are devout nuns with very high sex drives. Being in church all day makes these gals so hungry for fresh cock, that once all the parishioners go home, it’s onto the raw sex with the priests! They don’t even get out of their garments before a sexy Mrs. Claus appears and shows the sisters how it’s done.


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