Suicide Blondes 1

Suicide Blondes 1
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 38 Minutes

Suicide Blondes 1 stars

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Bluebird Films presents Suicide Blondes. Since the beginning of time, there has always been one tried and true remedy for all things . . . sex. Watch as these girls go from down and out to wild and crazy. Do you like blondes? So do we! And guess what? We found a bunch willing to get down and dirty! These gals like to fuck and have no problem if you watch them doing it! Whether you want to jerk off or not, you will blow your load at the sight of them!

  • Scene 1: Chloe Delaure, Paul Chaplin

I thought this blonde babe looked so hot in just her lingerie and those fishnets that I asked her to keep them on while we had some fun! She was eager to please me, but so long as I went down on her pussy! She gives as good as she gets, though… more if I do say so myself… I mean, I got her mouth and her ass.

  • Scene 2: Tyler Faith with Paul Chaplin

What makes your rod grow stiff? If it happens to be blondes with big tits, then wait until you see this chick! She is smoking hot with a rack… OMG! That is not all she has to offer, though. She gives an awesome blow job – as you will see for yourself – and not to forget her cunt… well, I will let you find that one out on your own.

  • Scene 3: Sasha Rose and Keisha Kane with Paul Chaplin

I was in so much pain, and only the doctor could cure me! My tits were aching, and my pussy was throbbing! But it took a while to make him understand just what was wrong until the nurse walked in… As another woman, she knows what I need and starts to give it to me: orgasms, baby! Luckily, my doctor joins in the fun, and we all end up having a great threesome!

  • Scene 4: Jools Brooks and Tia Layne with Paul Chaplin

Dear Diary, I did something naughty last summer, and I am afraid I cannot go on without confiding it to someone! It all started when I met this blonde, and she introduced me to her friend… so we could have a threesome! I was not sure at first, but he was so hot… I found myself with just my panties on, getting both of their attention! The worst part is I want to do it all over again! -Yours truly.

  • Scene 5: Denice K and Paul Chaplin

Meet Denise Klarskov and her plump, sweet ass! It is so fine I knew even before lifting that skirt that it would be so fine! She found me cute at first, but when I got her on her knees in front of my big dick, she was all in for giving me a blowjob, followed by my fucking that booty of hers!

  • Scene 6: Stacey Saran with Paris and Paul Chaplin

At first, Paris was not sure about granting me even one dance, but my moves proved to be too much for her to resist. What did I do then? Well, I took her for a spin… in her mouth, on top of my cock… it was amazing! She has a way about her that just makes you want to fuck her yet treat her like a lady. Then Stacey Saran joined in, and it was a hell of a threesome.

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