Glam Fairies

Glam Fairies
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 26 Minutes

Glam Fairies stars

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Bluebird Films presents Glam Fairies. What if I were to tell you magical fuck fairies were real, and they love to eat pussy? Welcome to Glam Fairies. A magical world of pornographic fuckary where all pussy is good pussy and one lick is never enough. See them fuck on satin sheets, watch them hide toys in their vaginas, join them as they eat pussy, and make each other cum!

Glam Fairies

  • Scene 1: Samantha Bentley, Charley Green, Jordan Pryce
  • Scene 2: Cindy Behr, Lou Lou, Charley Atwell
  • Scene 3: Chloe Dash, Jasmine Webb, Sensual Jane
  • Scene 4: Sammy Jayne, Charley Atwell, Eva May
  • Scene 5: Ella Mai, Louisa Love, Dani Maye


Glam Fairies

In the enchanted land of Glam Fairies, where every fairy tale comes true, our heroines are not your typical princesses or damsels in distress. They’re glamorous, powerful creatures who have discovered the most exquisite pleasures known to mankind – pussy eating. And oh, what sweet nectar it is! Their tongues dance expertly around the delicate folds of femininity, teasing out every last drop of juice until the very last swallow brings about a climax so intense it could rival any super nova explosion. But these aren’t just ordinary fairies; they’re glamourous, intelligent, and sexually adventurous beings who revel in the act of consuming female genitalia like no other species has ever done before.


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