Fancy Fucks 2

Fancy Fucks 2
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 33 Minutes

Fancy Fucks 2 stars

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Get ready for Bluebird Film’s latest installment in the Fancy Fucks series. In Fancy Fucks 2, these girls are anything but passive participants in their sexual encounters. They know what they want, and they’re not afraid to ask for it. From the moment the first pair of lips meet the head of the first cock, there’s no stopping these whores. They take dick like they were born to ride, their tight, wet pussies gripping each thick member like velvet gloves around iron fists. The camera captures every thrust, every moan, every drop of sweat and droplet of semen that drips from swollen pink nipples and slickened pussy lips alike. Anyone fancy a fuck? These girls do!

Scene 1: Lucie Love with Paul Back

Fancy Fucks 2

Lucy Love is dressed like a dominatrix fuck doll, and she’s about to demand some action! And by action, we mean she’s telling him what to do with that dick of his and how she wants to get fucked! See him unzip that corset to show off her titties as he takes that pussy and stuffs it full!

Scene 2: Tracey Venus, Peter Oh Tool

Fancy Fucks 2

Tracy Venus always wanted to be a mermaid until she realized her boyfriend couldn’t fuck her pussy! So she rips that tail off and lives out her mermaid role-play fantasy as he fucks the wet right out of her freshly-shaven twat!

Scene 3: Ebony Goddess, George Uhl

Fancy Fucks 2

Santa sent one of his best helpers, Ebony Goddess, down to see what this ad executive wanted for Christmas. Not sure if he’s going to be on the naughty or nice list after this interracial fuck! As it turns out, Santa sent him exactly what he wanted! A tall, beautiful black elf to fuck!

Scene 4: Romana Ryder, Oliver Sanchez

Fancy Fucks 2

Romana Ryder is dressed up like a can-can dancer, and her massive cans are out as well. She bends over and pulls up that frilly skirt so she can be taken from behind. Romana likes getting fucked hard, and when she gets on top, you can see her giant titties bounce! Stay till the end when he cums on her asshole.

Scene 5: Tilly Hardy, Paul Chaplin

Fancy Fucks 2

Tilly Hardy is dressed up as a Gothic stripper, and she’s putting on a private show for her man. See her grab that pole while spreading her legs for his meaty cock! They fuck on stage with Tilly taking every inch before draining his dick dry as she sucks the cum out of it!

Scene 6: Sativa Rose, Clarke Kent

Fancy Fucks 2

It’s hard to be a sexy Latina slut. At eighteen, most girls don’t have their own apartment, which is the case with Sativa Rose. But this younger slut needs to be fucked daily. Watch Sativa work her sweet pussy in this scene as her tight twat waxes a huge cock.

Fancy Fucks 2 is one of those movies from the UK production team that got made but, for one reason or another, never got released. That is until now! I’ve recovered all 6 of the scenes for your viewing pleasure!

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