Shoppers from Bluebird Films
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 53 Minutes

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Get ready for the ultimate girl-on-girl experience as Bluebird Films brings you Shoppers – a sizzling hot film that will leave you breathless. This lesbian masterpiece stars some of the hottest British babes on the planet. These gorgeous women are about to take you on a wild ride through their world of passionate pleasure. Experience almost 3 hours of pure carnal bliss in this long-lost treasure from the Bluebird Films archives.

In Shoppers, these sexy ladies aren’t just here to shop – they’re here to indulge in some serious girl-on-girl action. From the moment they step into the store, the tension between them builds until it reaches a fever pitch. And when they finally give in to their desires, there’s no holding back. They go at each other with a fierce intensity that will make your heart race.

But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself what everyone is talking about. With almost 3 hours of pure lesbian bliss, Shoppers is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning viewer. So grab your popcorn and prepare to be blown away by the hottest lesbian sex you’ve ever seen.

Scene 1: Paige Ashley and Stacey Saran

Shoppers from Bluebird Films

Stacey Saran runs a high-end boutique, and Paige Ashley happens to be on the lookout for something special, so she pays the store a little visit. Stacey decided to give Paige a special bit of help while showing her some of the sexy new lingerie that came in when Paige went to try on the lacy black lingerie. How could she not want to get her hands all over Paige’s body? She looks incredible in her red thigh-high stockings and matching panties.

Scene 2: Cindy Behr and Jasmine Webb

Shoppers from Bluebird Films

Jasmine Webb is at work today behind the counter when Cindy Behr comes in to find a new fitted blouse. Jasmine Webb does a hands-on approach when it comes to measuring her breasts, and that’s only the beginning. Next, she showed Cindy some of the new toys the store had in stock, and that’s when things got really out of control.

Scene 3: Cindy Behr and Kaia Kane

Shoppers from Bluebird Films

Cindy Behr is still shopping and, this time, visits a high-end boutique with Kaia Kane behind the counter. Wanting to be helpful, she offers to be the mirror for Cindy Behr as she tries on some new things that are just in stock. Cindy finds a floral dress she just loves, and Kaia Kane can’t help but help her get out of her panties.

Scene 4: Elle Brooke and Tammie Lee

Shoppers from Bluebird Films

Tammie Lee is shopping today for a new outfit to wear out for a night of fun. The problem is she can’t quite decide what it is she likes best, so she gets Elle Brooke to help her out. Of course, this particular store gives only the best of service, completely hands-on. And by hands-on, I mean that Elle Brooke can’t wait to put her hands on Tammie Lee’s sexy body.

Scene 5: Elle Brooke and Kerry Louise

Shoppers from Bluebird Films

Kerry Louise steps into the shop today, and Elle Brooke is quick to help her try on this tiny pink dress. The question is, does it fit right? Kerry Louise needs Elle’s help to find out. But she must first remove her bra and panties to ensure the correct measurements. Poor Kerry Louise has such big tits it doesn’t seem like the pink lingerie is going to work, but not to worry, Elle Brooke will help her get it off. Things get so heated they don’t even make it out of the dressing room!

Shoppers is yet another one of those lost gems we were able to recover from the Bluebird vaults. 5 brand-new, never-before-seen scenes!! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) so you are the first to know when I recover new footage! You never know what scene I’ll uncover next in the mountains of hard drives and raw footage I’ve got my hands on. Shoppers was originally intended to be six scenes, but the one with Cindy Behr and Natasha Marley sadly never got completed, but I was able to edit and release the first five scenes of the movie, and they are incredibly sexy!

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