Black Beauty 1

Black Beauty 1
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 23 Minutes

Black Beauty 1 stars

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Escape To Eden. Deaf and dumb, Jodie escapes from her city pimp to the haven of Ashby Stables, where she discovers that she can ride for life. In this fantasy story, Jodie a beautiful brunette that has chosen to stay silent for years, escapes the hard life of the city and arrives in the haven of Ashby stables. Here she discovers that she can start a new life by riding and giving lessons. But what she is riding his cock and what she is teaching is how to be a better lover. A high-budget feature movie, only from Bluebird Films.

  • Scene 1: Jodie James with Jay Scarman

Jodi James is escaping the hard life of the city for a country get away. But before she goes, she fucks her boyfriend one last time as she is waiting for the bus. Jodi loves when he holds her hair back so that he can watch her mouth run up and down the length of his shaft during oral sex. It gets her so wet he can easily slip his entire rod deep into her pussy with one slick thrust.

  • Scene 2: Kirstyn Halbors with Ben Dover

Kirsten Halborg is one of the hottest Bbw models out there to date. Her blonde hair always looks like she just got fucked and her big tits shake and bounce all over as she gets fucked. See her take on an older gent in this scene as he works his cock and sucks his shaved balls.

  • Scene 3: Jodie James with Tony James

Jodi James is a horny bitch. She is always up for sex wherever and whenever and today we catch up with her as she is getting it on with a dude in a car. Jodi likes the element of possibly getting caught when she fucks and she increases her chances today by hanging out the open door so she can take it harder from behind.

  • Scene 4: Carmel Moore, Caroline De Lys, and Jodie James with Ian Tate and Jay J

Carmel Moore and Carolina De Lys hate doing their chores around the ranch but they love when the chores are over and they get to go out and fuck the help! Watch as these two blonde sluts each take on a different worker set among the hay bails and grain shed. They can see each other fucking and peek over often for extra pleasure.

  • Scene 5: Michelle Thorne with Jodie James

Jodi James and Michelle Thorne are both some of the hottest babes you will ever feast your eyes upon. As such, they are both totally attracted to one another and meet in the hay loft to have an intimate lesbian rendezvous. They keep their lingerie on as they finger each others pussies and suck on their hard clits.

  • Scene 6: Kit Lee, and Kat Lee, with Ian Tate

Kat Lee and Kit Lee love to play together. They get off on how turned on guys get fucking two beautiful women at once and today they seduce a stud to bring up into the hay loft. Laying down a blanket on the softest bales, the ladies take turns riding his thick cock until they orgasm.

  • Scene 7: Karlie Simon, and Jodie James, with Paul Chaplin, Ian Tate, and Jayce Xaveri

Jodi James and Karlie Simon work together and have developed a very close bond. They know each other intimately and they knew that today would be the day that they finally learned what each others pussies tastes like. They spend a lot of time pleasuring each other during this group sex scene where they share a few dicks as well.

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