Bikini Belles

Bikini Belles
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 28 Minutes

Bikini Belles stars

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Unveiling a world of forbidden desires, Bluebird Films proudly presents “Bikini Belles,” where tantalizing tales of self-discovery unfold amidst sun-kissed beaches and steamy encounters. These adventurous women, once content with conventional pleasures, find themselves yearning for something new – a journey into the uncharted territory of lesbian exploration. Embrace their courage as they delve into the enchanting realm of feminine sensuality, leaving behind the monotony of male dominance. Glass dildos become their guides, tracing mesmerizing paths through previously untouched terrains, while tender fingers and hungry lips awaken long-dormant passions within these intrepid belles. Prepare to immerse yourself in the thrilling saga of “Bikini Belles” – a cinematic odyssey of love, liberation, and the irresistible allure of the unknown.

  • Scene 1:  Claudia Rossi, Tia Layne

Claudia is always wanting to get out of the house and try new things, and her friend Tia might just have the perfect idea. They’ve both been toying with the idea of trying lesbian sex, and they think they’ve found their chance. Rubbing their pussies and taking toys isn’t anything new to these girls, but licking vagina and rubbing another girl’s clit is something they’re really enjoying.

  • Scene 2: Tammie Lee, Karen Woods

Tammie has a belly button ring and nice tits, but she hasn’t had lesbian sex yet. She’s determined to change that today, so she’s at her lesbian friend Karen’s house to get those holes eaten out by a fellow female. Her favorite part is the butt hole licking, and she makes a mental note to come back for another round!

  • Scene 3: Valery Summer, Faye

Faye has a pussy pussy that dudes definitely have gotten into, but she’s after a softer experience today with another lady. Her friend Valery has always wanted to try out lesbian sex, and they head to a sunny chair outside and slide each others’ painted nails deep down the wet holes between their legs, rubbing their clits while doing so.

  • Scene 4: Michelle Thorne, Cindy Behr

Michelle Thorne loves getting her holes fingered and stretched with big toys, but there aren’t a lot of other girls who are into that kind of thing. She just met this chick named Cindy Behr, who almost looks just like her, and she also shares a love for big toys stretching out her pussy, so they get right down to it and even get inspired to rub nipples on taints.

  • Scene 5: Romana Ryder, Rebecca Jessop

Romana and her friend Rebecca should be inside taking a quiz, but they’d rather have a hot lesbian sex session outside on the grass. First, Hannah pulls her red hair back and licks her brunette girlfriend’s nipple. She can’t help but move down by going down on her till she gets to the sweet spot. Then Sasha returned the favor and ate her friend out from behind.

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