What The Butler Saw

What The Butler Saw
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 37 Minutes

What The Butler Saw stars

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Bluebird Films presents What The Butler Saw. Sometimes, being a butler isn’t that bad. Sure, serving these ladies meals all day and cleaning up after them by not be as fun as sticking a dick into their faces, but it’s all about balance. See, these classy gentlemen serve their mistresses to the fullest extent their capabilities allow in “What The Butler Saw.” Wanna know what the Butler Saw? Lots and lots of vagina!

Scene 1: Cindy Behr, Wayne Scott-fox

Every night, it’s the same ritual in Mrs. Harrison’s bedroom. She turns on the mood lights and puts on a sexy dress, and then her butler arrives. First, he gets some sloppy head from her, and then it’s time to return the favor with some cunnilingus and bareback penetration.

Scene 2: Sabrina Sweet, Ian Tate

Having a butler to fuck her every night is a luxury Madame Bistress is glad she gets to experience. The long-haired brunette has been bending over for Bob ever since he started working at the estate, and she doesn’t think he’ll ever have to worry about finding a full-time mistress ever again.

Scene 3: Claudia Adams, Roger Smore

Claudia is always down to get nasty with her Butler, but her busty schedule only allows for a few sessions a week. That’s why she takes extra care to make them extra special, and this time, she makes him so aroused that he ends up busting his nut all over her chest.

Scene 4: Sativa Rose, Brett Rockman

Not all butlers have the responsibility of fucking their mistresses every night, but when it comes to Mrs. Donut, her hole must be attended to every evening. She doesn’t have a husband to turn out her vagina as it craves, so Yan, her butler, tends to it just fine, and she sucks his load out.

Scene 5: Stacey Saran, Jazz Duro

Every lady this rich has a butler that serves her nightly sexual desires. Ricardo has been doing this for years, so he’s very good at making his lady have a great orgasm every time it’s time for her to hit the hay. Her tongue is pierced, and she loves taking his load on her tongue for a midnight snack.

Scene 6: Bonny Bon, Steve Holmes

This rich lady never goes to bed without having an intense session with her Butler, and Maurice is always happy to assist his mistress with her nightly orgasm. Once her titties have been busted out and he’s gnawed on her pussy, it’s into her mouth for his dick, and eventually, it even goes into her butt hole!

Scene 7: Ebony Goddess, Tony DeSergio

The butler doesn’t mind working for this beautiful black woman because sometimes she gives him a blowjob after a long day around the house. Tonight things get very heated, and he ends up sliding his penis into her vagina after her mouth and leaves a creamy gift on her round black ass.

Scene 8: Syren Sexton, Lauro Giotto

Syren is known for being a horny girl, but the Butler had no idea he would finer her waiting for him in her room with her legs spread and a huge dildo in her pussy. See how he eats out her horny hole and then slides his big fat cock into her and makes her moan loudly in pleasure before sucking his dick clean.

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