Strap Attack UK

Strap Attack
Directed By:
Movie Length: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes

Strap Attack UK stars

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What better way to enjoy watching these sexy horny girls get off with each other than by adding sexy toys to their pleasure? Watch these minxes handle a strap ready to attack! Watch as all these girls hit it off and are ready to strap and enjoy it! It’s a pussy party, and you’re invited!

  • Scene 1: Lou Lou and Cindy Behr

Cindy Behr has been getting fucked by dudes ever since she turned eighteen, but she’s ready to try something a little more sensual. She’s tired of dealing with flaccid dicks that don’t stay hard for more than a few minutes, and she’s heard wonderful things about sex with ladies and strapon toys, so she heads over to Lou Lou’s house and gives it a try.

  • Scene 2: Paige Ashley and Scarlette March

Paige Ashley is tired of getting fucked by dudes. They can’t stay hard long enough for her, so she doesn’t see the point of even trying to take real dick up her juicy vagina anymore. Instead, she gets together with her lesbian friends like Natalie here who has a dungeon lit with red light and stocked with every type of strapon Paige could want, and today she picks a black one!

  • Scene 3: Stacey Saran and Anna Lovato

Stacey Saran dreams of getting fucked by a strapon every night, so finally she called up her friend Bethany and told her it was time. Anna Lovato had been waiting for this moment for weeks, as she’s always the first one her friends call when they’re in need of some inches that always stay hard up there no matter how hard she squeezes.

  • Scene 4: Leona Licks and Caprice Jane

Getting fucked with a strapon is all Caprice wants to do with her time, so she goes over to her friend Leona’s house, where there’s always some hot lesbian action to be had. The horny college girls aren’t even out of their uniforms yet before the artificial cock is all the way up Marta’s throbbing vagina, and of course its completely shaved!

  • Scene 5: Chloe Dee, Toni Samantha, and Ella Mai

Ella Mai is a black haired girl who loves strapping on her dark dildo and letting her lesbian friends hop on for a ride. Today she invited her two blonde friends Shanna and Bali over for some raw action. First the get their throats stuffed with the artificial cock, sucking on it as if it were Ella’s real penis.

  • Scene 6: Sensual Jane and Natasha Marley

Sensual Jane has a love for strapon sex with other women, so her tutor definitely got the hint while she spread her legs in the desk during her note taking. The black strapon was whipped out in no time, and up the hungry pussy it went. She looks back at her vagina as it is stretched by the dark artificial penis, and then its time for some 69 action.



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