Life Class

Bluebird Films presents Life Class
Directed By:
Movie Length: 1 Hour and 39 Minutes

Life Class stars

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Bluebird Films presents Life Class, an all-new lesbian spectacular. Pleasing a lady is a skill every girl interested in lesbian sex should possess, but some of these budding beauties don’t have all the skills under their belt yet. Luckily, their older mentors are experienced in the arts of cunnilingus and the like, so get ready to see some real-life schooling between mature pussy lickers and their younger admirers in “Life Class.” It’s a pussy party, and you’re invited!

Scene 1: Sasha Rose, Keisha Kane

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Keisha Kane is a beautiful lady who has all the skills under her belt a budding lesbian would need to make it in the world. Sasha Rose is eager to learn all she can in this one night of passionate lesbian sex, so watch her feast upon the hole of her ebony friend before they bust out the pink toy, which enters both of their juicy vaginas before the night is over.

Scene 2: Domino, Michelle Thorne

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Michelle Thorne enjoys wearing masks when she first meets her female sex partners, and today, it’s a beautiful blonde with long curly hair. Her huge rack awaits this horny newcomer to the lesbian scene, and she does well stuffing her new friend’s pussy with the purple dildo so well that Michelle gets up and has the blonde put her legs back to have the favor returned.

Scene 3: Paris, Alicia Rhodes

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Alicia Rhodes has all the time in the world to lay back and get her picture drawn, so her artist friend Paris pulls out her sketchpad and gets drawing. Once they’ve had enough of this, Justine spreads her legs and lets her blonde bombshell feast on her delicious pussy. Then it’s time for the pussy fucking, so the girls bring out the dildos and get to work on each others’ holes.

Scene 4: Romana Ryder, Keisha Kane

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Romana Ryder has always wanted to learn the art of lesbian sex, so when she heard about the ladies at this establishment, she got right over to find a beautiful dark-skinned beauty wearing a large blue feather mask on her face. She bends over and lets the newcomer taste her beautiful pussy before she has her sit on her face and return the favor. Then there’s some dildo and tongue fucking to seal the deal.

Scene 5: Stacey Saran, Paige Ashley

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Paige Ashley has always wanted to be sexual with another woman, but she’s very inexperienced. Her older mentor Stacey Saran is eager to teach her ways to a budding lesbian, so she busts out the long purple dildo and has some fun with the fresh little pussy before her. There’s lesson in eating pussy, and even sucking the juice off the dildos in the end.

Scene 6: Michelle Thorne, Kit Lee, Kat Lee

Bluebird Films presents Life Class

Michelle Thorne wants to learn about sex, so she invites her beautiful friends Kit and Kat Lee over for some passionate fun. These lesbians know everything Michelle needs to learn, so they take their time in explaining just how she should use the toys, her tongue, and hands when pleasuring those of her fellow female sex in this steamy scene from “Life Class.”

Life Class was one of those movies that was created yet never released for one reason or the other. But not to worry. I found it in the vaults and got it packaged and out the door for you!

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