Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door from Bluebird Films
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Movie Length: 2 Hours and 37 Minutes

Girl Next Door stars

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Bluebird Films presents Girl Next Door. It’s a lesbian love fest featuring your favorite British babes! Girls need satisfaction too, and when they get the house to themselves, it’s not a boy they’re calling over, but the girl next door! Getting your pussy licked by someone who has one is the main reason these females keep going back to hot and secret homosexual sex in their frilly bedrooms! A woman’s touch is an unbeatable feeling, and all these chicks are eager to experience the splendor in “Girl Next Door.”

Scene 1: Kaia Kane, Romana Ryder

Bluebird Films Girl Next Door

Making time to have lesbian sex is never a problem for these new lovers, as they get the house to themselves a lot. Kaia has always wanted a close girlfriend whom she could rely on to help her achieve an epic orgasm, and luckily, Romana was looking for a similar situation. Together, they make a great team, and their fresh holes don’t go hungry for long anymore.

Scene 2: Cindy Behr, Natasha Marley

Bluebird Films Girl Next Door

Cindy and Natasha have kept their lesbian love a secret, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped impressing each other by getting decked out to the nines in beautiful clothes and jewelry so they feel like glamour goddesses while stuffing each others’ luscious pussies with sexy toys and their velvety tongues. Once it’s time to come, both girls take a finger to their clits and start rubbing!

Scene 3: Tammie Lee, Karen Woods

Bluebird Films Girl Next Door

Tammie doesn’t know why she is so jealous of Jill’s beauty. The two have become best friends and are always getting each others’ little holes filled up with vibrators, tongues, and fingers. The sensual pleasures of sex are just too great for these horny chicks to deny, so they meet up every couple of days to have a hot session of lesbian sex before it’s back to normal straight life.

Scene 4: Sasha, Elle Brooks

Just when Sasha thought she was the hottest girl on the block, Bethany had to move in. Luckily, the two chicks became best of friends, as only they know how to pleasure each others’ pussies in a way that actually gets them off. Watch these horny females use not one but two toys after spreading their holes open and getting a good taste.

Scene 5: Paige Ashley, Tammie Lee

Bluebird Films Girl Next Door

Being a horny lesbian is fun for Paige because her next-door neighbor Tammie shares a passionate lust for pussy as well. The girls get their nails painted and meet up at Janice’s house every couple of days to make sure their pussies are in tip-top shape. Looking pretty for each other is part of the play, so these lesbians go the extra mile to look beautiful for their homosexual rendezvous.

Scene 6: Cindy Behr, Stacey Saran

Bluebird Films Girl Next Door

Stacey has a very strong taste for pussy that’s never satisfied, so she’s lucky to have a next-door neighbor just as beautiful and horny as she is. There’s no way anyone else could take Cindy’s spot as Stacy’s best friend as long as she keeps coming over every Friday at three in the afternoon for their weekly lesbian fuckfest ending in a passionate scissor action.

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