Catfights 1

Cat Fights volume 1
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 6 Minutes

Catfights 1 stars

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What happens when you get 11 hot girls together? Yes, the catfights ensue! And by that, of course, we mean one big ass pussy party, and you are invited. The alley is a place almost always home to a cat fight, but in this film, these exchanges are quite arousing and impossible to turn away from. Watch as attitude-ridden girls from the streets meet each other and bang it out while sharing dildos and bumping pussies together. It’s always a good time with these ghetto girls that love pussy just as much as the thugs do in, Catfights volume 1.

  • Scene 1: Stacey Saran with Cyprus Isles

Stacey Saran is a back alley slut that loves getting into cat fights with other fiesty girls. Today she’s engaged in combat with another blonde girl and her purple dildo. Their stockings are left ripped but these girls are so glad they inserted this toy up their holes and rubbed their clits till they reached the ultimate orgasm on the hood of someone’s car.

  • Scene 2: Elizabeth Lawrence with Michelle Thorne

Michelle Thorne always likes to learn new things, so she thought it would be beneficial for her to take this older cocksucker home for some tips. She’s an expert in the art of lesbian fucking as well, so Michelle gets a lot of lessons in sex as she gets penetrated by a huge artificial cock attached to her new favorite fuck buddy.

  • Scene 3: Claudi Rossi with Elena

Claudia Rossi can’t hide her feelings anymore, and Elena isn’t complaining one bit. The submissive girlfriend has been begging Claudia to fuck her with a strapon for weeks, so watch her stretched-out pussy take even more action as her lesbian lover thrusts this artificial penis deep inside of her while holding onto her breasts, and then her hips.

  • Scene 4: Cindy Behr with Karen Woods

These blondes love pleasing each other with their tongues, and their fingers are the second body part to be inserted as these horny chicks stop everything and focus solely on the pleasure their bodies are capable of feeling. Watch as they break a sweat working each others’ clits till the ultimate orgasmic experience is reached.

  • Scene 5: Alicia Rhodes with Jasmine Lau

Being blonde means being super sexual, and this pair of toeheaded chicks are taking a break from dick and having some strictly lady time. Sure, they may have their dongs out, but these toys only enhance their womanly touch, and besides, who doesn’t love using a double-ended dildo with a friend?

  • Scene 6: Elle Brooks with Jools Brooke

Elle is a blonde girl who loves sporting her black fishnets and spreading her hole as her brunette friend Jools sticks some fingers up her pussy. They exchange cunnilingus and end the session by penetrating each other with a smooth and thick purple dildo that always brings the pair to a climax bigger than the one before.

  • Scene 7: Michelle Thorne with Jem Stone

Michelle Thorne has a horny pussy that needs some attention. She calls her busty brunette friend over to help her out, and she saves the day with a purple toy that stretches Michelle’s holes better than any dick or dildo she has ever encountered has. Their boobs may be fake, but their orgasms sure aren’t.

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