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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 46 Minutes

Analysts stars

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Bluebird Films presents Analysts! It’s hard to find good help. When these patients turn to their psychiatrists for help, little do they know they will get the best therapy possible: anal sex!

Scene 1: Jenny Baby with Paul Chaplin

Jenny Baby lies back in the therapist’s couch and unbuttons her blouse to get comfortable. When she notices her therapist getting hot and bothered, she makes him comfortable with a wet, juicy blowjob. She pulls his hard rod into her sticky snatch to get his motor revving, then rams it into her tight ass. She jerks his splattering load into her satisfied face.

Scene 2: Tammie Lee with Paul Chaplin

Tammie Lee reaches over to her seated therapist and unzips his pants. Diving in to chow down on his meaty knob, she pulls off her dress to climb on his crotch and feel him throbbing and prodding into her tight fuck-starved anus. Bouncing back to meet every thrust, she works him to a fast, furious rhythm, then delights in a sticky faceful of his spermy load.

Scene 3: Emma Butt with Ian Tate

Emma Butt is prim and pretty as she sits in silk blouse, skirt and eyeglasses taking notes of her patient’s therapy session. When he reaches a sensitive point in his story, she relieves his stress with a wet cock sucking. She crouches over with her lingerie-clad ass raised to invite him to slam her cock-crazed asshole. He splatters a sticky spray across her face and glasses.

Scene 4: Jasmine Webb with Clarke Kent

Ebony angel of mercy Jasmine Webb is careful and caring with her patient, even unbuttoning his jeans to stroke and suck his stiff prick. She unbuttons her own uniform and leans forward with her ass teasing his dick head till he takes the hint and slams deep into her rear alley. Holding the sofa arm for support, she feels his hard thrusts rattling her pelvis.

Scene 5: Jasmine Black with Paul Chaplin

Jasmine Black takes a moment before the therapist enters the room to buzz her pussy with a vibrating dildo. When he walks in, she sucks his meatpole, and adds a second toy rammed up her tight butthole. She groans with delight as he plows roughly into her ass while her pussy is stuffed with the hard buzzing fucktoy.

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