Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror by Bluebird Films
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 42 Minutes

Mirror Mirror stars

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest whore of them all? In this latest release from Bluebird Films, we are about to find out. Mirror Mirror is a strange story about one twin’s obsession with the other, who she sees as her mirror. She wants her own identity. She wants to be her own person and not just a mirror of her twin, but her twin (her mirror) is always up to no good. I mean, can you imagine how it must suck having a twin sister who is always trying to fuck your boyfriend? But that’s what we love about her! She’s crazy and loves to fuck everyone! Check out Mirror Mirror now and find out which twin gets the best dick down and which one pays the price.

Scene 1: Kat Lee, Si Watts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date twins? Would you be able to tell them apart? Kat Lee thought it might be fun to tie up Kit Lee’s boyfriend and see if he could tell them apart. Turns out he can’t. He fucks her good and doesn’t discover the deception until his real girlfriend walks in, and he finds out he’s fucked the wrong twin. That is, of course, after he cums all over her titties! Oops!

Scene 2: Brianna Love, Kat Lee, Ian Tate

Kat Lee visits Brianna Love and Ian Tate at the dungeon store to buy some kinky toys. They offer her a real-life demonstration of how the items in the store work. I mean, who doesn’t need a good spanking demonstration? Of course, that little demonstration leads to so much more, including both girls getting dicked down by Ian Tate (Dirty Dog).

Scene 3: Kat Lee, Ben Dover

Kit Lee visits her therapist Ben Dover, but he feels like she needs a little more intimate handling. I mean, talk is cheap, right? Let’s just say therapy goes very well only her mirror shows up mid-session, and they switch places. After he bends her over his desk and pounds her good, he drops his load all over her face she realizes she needs to try and be herself more.

Scene 4: Poppy Morgan, Kit Lee, Tony James, Jay Scarman

Kit Lee is having trouble with her car and takes it to the mechanic to see if he can help. He can’t seem to find the problem and suggests a little chat with the customer to see if maybe the problem isn’t with the car but the driver herself. After a thorough inspection, they discover that the problem might be that she doesn’t get enough dick, or maybe it’s that she needs more lubrication, so of course, they offer to help by giving her their loads all over her pretty face.

Scene 5: Kit Lee, Clarke Kent, Jordan Pryce

Kit (or Kat), not sure which one is the mirror of the other, visits a jewelry store but decides she’d rather have the pretty blonde behind the counter, and her manager suggests he give them both a little test drive, and he fucks them both right there in the fancy store. Only it doesn’t end as planned for him. After dropping his load over both of their pretty little faces, Kit’s mirror image comes through to take what she really wanted in the first place: the diamonds.

Scene 6: Lichelle Marie, Kat Lee, Ian Tate

Kat Lee gets arrested for her sister Kit’s bad antics. She tries to explain that she’s done nothing wrong, but they don’t want to hear of it. They don’t believe that it’s not her, that it’s her evil twin (mirror) Kit. It starts with a good pat down and thorough bodily examination.

Scene 7: Kat Lee, Jasmine Webb, Paul Chaplin, Ben Kelly, Jj Oneil

In this final scene of Mirror Mirror, Kat Lee realizes her sister Kit was right all along, she is her mirror, she is inside of her, part of her, and they come together as one to work together to satisfy these three men at the party that Jasmine Webb is going to take them to. Let’s just say this movie ends with a bang, and yes, I am of the gang variety. Everyone fucks everyone, and good times are to be had by everyone.

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