Mighty Meat Sandwich

Mighty Meat Sandwich
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 50 Minutes

Mighty Meat Sandwich stars

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Wildly gyrating hips, thrusting bodies, and lustful moans fill the screen as Bluebird Films presents Mighty Meat Sandwich – a feast for your eyes and senses. This film showcases six scorching scenes featuring some of the most talented porn stars in the business, each one delivering a unique experience that will leave you breathless. From the opening scene where Sarah Twain is convinced to lift up her skirt and let three hunks plow both of her holes simultaneously, to the final scene where five women indulge in group sex and even anal play, your appetite for pleasure will be fully satisfied. Watch as the curvaceous Jane Darling takes dicks up her mature asshole, or as Sabrina Sweet sucks down every inch of two men’s throbbing boners. Each scene delivers a different flavor of passion and desire, ensuring that there is something for everyone. So grab a snack and buckle up, because Mighty Meat Sandwich is about to take you on a wild ride of erotic pleasure.

Scene 1: Sarah Twain, with Paul Chaplin, Tony James, and Demetri Xxx

Sarah Twain is a chaste lady that doesn’t do this type of thing often, but these hot dudes convince her that lifting up her skirt and letting them plow both of her holes at the same time will really make her feel good. She’s been looking for something new to massage her from the inside out, so she lets one slide up her ass before the other one gets stuffed into her butt hole.

Scene 2: Jane Darling with Paul Chaplin, Keiran Lee, and Ian Tate

Jane Darling is a little old to be doing this type of thing, but her cute outfits and dedication to taking cocks gets her the attention she desires. So what if she has to take a dick up her mature asshole to get these guys to bang her meaty hole. She’s ready to swallow their loads, so watch her spread her legs and let them stick it in as they please.

Scene 3: Sabrina Sweet with Demetri Xxx and Keiran Lee

Sabrina Sweet is a talented maid that gets a lot out of her visits to the men that call her over. She satisfies everyone around her, so if the man of the house has a friend over, like Mario does today, she sees no issues in letting all the dicks plow through her mouth and vagina. In the end she sucks down their loads, so what’s another one to add into the mix?

Scene 4: Gabriela Glazer with Barry Scott and Ian Tate

Gabriella Glazer has a lot of work to do around the house still, but her step brother and his friend have throbbing boners that really need to feel a tight little hole wrapping around them, so they call her over to the couch so she can get on her knees and swallow every inch of their big fat white cocks. She bends over to take one while sucking the other, and does well in the end by letting them cum in her mouth.

Scene 5: Jodie James with Andy Mann and Ben Kelly

Jodie James has dark skin and dark hair, and she definteily has room in her body for these two cocks. Once she’s done sucking them both off, she bends over and takes one from behind, all while still sucking on the other one! Her big boobs jiggle in the air as she gets plowed, and she smiles as her face gets coated in a thick layer of semen.

Scene 6: Victoria Rose, Luna Luxx, Natali Dirossa with Jez, Paul Chaplin, and Clarke Kent

Natali Dirossa has worked in the fast food industry flipping burgers for years, and so has her darker friend VBictoria Rose. Together they seduce groups of men like these, and soon, the other ladies join in as well. Some of the females are so horny, they’re even down for anal, so see all of the hot action in this scene from, “Mighty Meat Sandwich Vol 1.”

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