Gold Diggers

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Gold Diggers

These women are very in touch with their feelings, and they’re sure as hell not out for love when it comes to marriage. Some of these gals have gotten hitched multiple times, and what all the men have in common is their loaded bank accounts. Currently, these hungry ladies have husbands with quite the sex drives, so there will be some fucking before the shopping can start in, “Gold Diggers.”

  • Scene 1: Paige Ashley with Paul Chaplin
  • Scene 2: Romana Ryder, with Paul Black and Ian Tate
  • Scene 3: Stacey Saran with Roger Smore
  • Scene 4: Cindy Behr and Kaia Kane with Ian Tate
  • Scene 5: Roxy Taggart and Darina with Marco Bon Phoenix
  • Scene 6: Demi Daniels with Ian Tate


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