Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 58 Minutes

Gold Diggers stars

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These women are very in touch with their feelings, and they’re sure as hell not out for love when it comes to marriage. Some of these gals have gotten hitched multiple times, and what all the men have in common is their loaded bank accounts. Currently, these hungry ladies have husbands with quite the sex drives, so there will be some fucking before the shopping can start in, “Gold Diggers.”

  • Scene 1: Paige Ashley with Paul Chaplin

Having a husband who works in a mine has worked out well for this horny gold digger, because now Sara can let her pink panties be pulled aside to make room for a huge dick all throughout the day in the privacy of her man’s work space. Once he’s ready to jizz, its out of her pussy and onto his face for his cock!

  • Scene 2: Romana Ryder, with Paul Black and Ian Tate

Being a gold digger isn’t a problem for Romana, because this mine is filled with horny dudes with fat wallets and hard cocks. She may be married to only one of these men, but both of her holes can accommodate their cocks, so she lets them slide right into her at the same time, and when they’re ready to jizz, it all goes right into her mouth!

  • Scene 3: Stacey Saran with Roger Smore

Stacey Saran finally got her breast implants, and she’s glad she married her third husband because of it. He gets full use out of his sexy bride by fucking her shaved pussy every night after she sucks him off in their big bed with a black comforter. After he’s done fucking her hole from behind, he pulls out and sprays his load all over her pretty face.

  • Scene 4: Cindy Behr and Kaia Kane with Ian Tate

She’s never married for love, and she has a friend that is in the same situation. Kaia Kane and Cindy Behr have known each other ever since they were strippers back in the day, but now they’re gold diggers that always have their man’s cock up their hole. These women are so turned on that they’re even into getting jizz loads splattered all over their busty racks!

  • Scene 5: Roxy Taggart and Darina with Marco Bon Phoenix


  • Scene 6: Demi Daniels with Ian Tate

This is certainly not Demi’s first marriage, and no one thinks Dave is going to stick around for very long. She gets what she desires, however, and that’s his resources, thanks to his successful mining business. Sometimes he invites his first lady down to the dark quarters where she lifts up her dress and takes that cock right in her gold digger pussy.

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