Chest Infection

Chest Infection
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Movie Length: 1 Hour and 56 Minutes

Chest Infection stars

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Sometimes going to see the doctor can be a tense situation, so what better way to ease the complications than by scheduling an appointment? When the girls give a reason for their visit, they say chest infection is possible, but everyone knows they’re just after the hot dick of the doctor just beyond the overflowing waiting room in “Chest Infection,” where all the patients keep coming back for more!

  • Scene 1: Stacey Saran with Justin Round

The doctor loves when his horny patients come in complaining of a chest infection, because he knows what they’re after is an inspection of their busty racks. Getting their nipples rubbed and tugged by this succesful professional really turns Vicky on, so she lets him fuck her right in the pussy as she rubs her clit with her french manicured nails, and then lets him splash his load all over her busty chest.

  • Scene 2: Sasha Royce with Ash

Sasha Rose is a sweet girl from Wisconsin that came to California to be a nurse. She’s going far and above the expectations of her course requirements, but none of her patients seem to care. Today she’s spreading her legs for a huge muscle dude with a massive dark schlong completely shaved and ready to bust a load on her face, so how could she deny that?

  • Scene 3: Paige Ashley and Romana Ryder with Tony James

Paige and Romana are performers that always go home with a nobleman they think is the hottest, and tonight its the Duke Harrington, and they’re quite impressed with the luxurious fabrics in his chamber. Paige loosens up Romana’s dess and lets the duke suck on her huge jugs before letting her sit on his face so her can tug on her hungry pussy lips with the ones on his face. Then he sticks it right in her pussy, while Paige leaves the room to find some dick of her own.

  • Scene 4: Jasmine Black, with Tony James

Marcee has been a nurse for a long time, so she’s really good at making patients feel good. The doctor has heard such great things about the visits his patients have with his assistant nurst Marcee, so he gets into a room with her to see just what is so good about her services. Its not long before its clear to him way so many people request Marcee as the nurse that checks their temperature.

  • Scene 5: Keisha Kane with Wayne Scott-Fox

This doctor has a nurse at his bedside at home so his needs are always attended to. Little Miss Douffel is always ready to stick her butt out and let her master lift up her skirt and see how smooth her little bubble butt still is. He recieves a blowjob every morning and night, but today he’s wanting a little more from his little helper, and she’s eager to feel her boss’ dick way up inside her petite insides.

  • Scene 6: Melvina with Paul Chaplin and Tony James

Melvina made an appointment for a chest infection, but something is telling these medical workers that she is just playing them. They don’t really mind, because her black vagina is warm and inviting, and their throbbing boners haven’t had this much action in weeks. See her open her mouth wide and let them jizz all over her face as she holds a dick in each hand.

  • Scene 7: Sharon Pink with Paul Chaplin and Peter Oh Tool

Sharon loves going to the doctors office, so she always makes up an alignment that will get her into the patient’s chair as soon as possible. Dr. Johnson doesn’t mind, because her velvety pussy is tight and hungry for action, and she’s always waiting with it open and presented for him and his assistant to inspect briefly before plowing their dicks into her face as she fingers her pussy.

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