Bum Rap

Bum Rap
Directed By:
Movie Length: 2 Hours and 12 Minutes

Bum Rap stars

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Bluebird Films presents Bum Rap. These guys have gotten a bum rap, but that’s okay because these girls are ready to show them a good time to make up for it. Watch Bum Rap now — it’s pure hardcore perfection! Have you ever looked at a girl and were like, “Man, I want to fuck her?” Well, I often say that when I’m watching Bum Rap. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out now. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Scene 1: Jasmine Lau with Roger Smore

Dudes that sit around all day in their dirty man messes really turn on Natalie. She loves cleaning up after dudes and making herself useful as a handy maid and pair of holes to slide a dick into. Justin could really use the help around the house, and his cock is always ready to plunge into a warm and inviting hole, so he loves having her over!

  • Scene 2: India Babe with Ian Tate

India Babe has a thing for older dudes with bellies and white undershirts tucked into their blue jeans. She’s found the perfect dude and agrees to spread her hole back at his place in exchange for his dick balls deep in her soft brown pussy. Once she cums, it goes right into her mouth via her fingers.

  • Scene 3: Cindy Behr with Jamie Barry

Some girls like having the pants on in the relationship, and Bethany would be one of them. Every morning, she curls her hair and gets this man ready for his day of lounging around the house and doing nothing. She can’t help but serve him, and the way he puts out her pussy from behind is simply the best. She takes his dick wherever he gives it to her and always swallows it.

  • Scene 4: Paige Ashley with Les Tucker

Every man has a time when a hot little college girl is just what he needs to perk him back up. Life has really gotten hard for Chuck, and some raw sex with a tight blonde chick is just what he needs to put the pep back in his step and get this three-day load out of his balls. She squeezes her titties together as he releases them all over her chest.

  • Scene 5: Kerry Louise with Paul Black

Kerry Louise is a Spanish beauty with plenty of experience to last her a lifetime. She can’t stop taking care of this older man who just sits around all day in his own mess. She’s determined to spice up his life, so she loses the top and lets her big titties be an irresistible turn-on, and he bangs her till he cums in her mouth.



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